20 Best Xbox One and Xbox One S Accessories 2017

Xbox One and Xbox One S Consoles have boost up the sensation of gaming for gamers across the world. If you own one, you’d definitely be able to relate. You might be having a great time with your Xbox one but definitely not the best. Do you often find yourself losing the battle even after using the best moves, strategies, and combinations?

Best Xbox One Accessories
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Although the situation could be because of bad luck, it can certainly be improved with the best Xbox One and One S accessories. Something as simple as a few thumb grips could help in having a steady hand during the game. There are various types of Xbox one accessories available, and there is something for every person and purpose.

Accessories for Xbox One and Xbox One S

To make everything easier for you, we have shortlisted some of the best Xbox One and Xbox One S Accessories. Check out the list with a description and list of features for each product!

1. Xbox One Play And Charge Kit

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Xbox play and charge kit features a chargeable battery which can come in really handy for avid gamers. This kit helps save money and time both by eliminating the annoying habit of changing AA batteries whenever running out of battery, even in the middle of a game.

In the worst case scenario, you could run out of AA batteries with no replacements available next to you, and you would have to run to the closest shop to buy new ones to save your game. Thus, play and charge kit makes a great add-on for Xbox one owners!


  • Ever ready
  • Charges the device both on standby mode and while playing a game
  • Requires a maximum of only 4 hours to charge fully
  • Eliminates the need for disposable AA batteries

Price: $24.00

2. Panasonic Eneloop Battery Charger

Panasonic Eneloop Battery Charger

Panasonic Eneloop Battery Charging Kit features four AA batteries and a battery charger. These batteries are compatible with all Xbox one controllers so that compatibility won’t be an issue. Just leave a pair of batteries in the dock to charge and swap them with the ones in use when the time comes.

Eneloop batteries are really long-lasting, unlike classic cell batteries. These rechargeable batteries are designed to last a long time, making the kit an excellent option for gamers seeking solid gameplay length.


  • Lightweight, quick and smart
  • Charge 1-4 AA or AAA batteries at a time
  • Integrated 100-240 VAC world voltage auto detect
  • Kit includes four Eneloop AA batteries perfect for high drain devices
  • Inbuilt protection timer (270 minutes)
  • Individual battery control (4 LED)

Price: $19.56, Color: Black | White

3. Nyko Charge Block Solo

Nyko Charge Block Solo for xbox one

Nyko Charge Block features a custom battery and a powerful 1200 mAh battery. If you find swapping AA cells tiresome, you might want to opt for Nyko charge block bundle. The charge block allows you to charge your controller directly by placing it on the block, without any cable.

However, the block itself is to be connected via USB or main power for swift charging. Multiple blocks can be linked together to charge multiple batteries. Nyko charge block is a great accessory which not just charges your battery but also provides space to keep your controller.


  •    Drop and charge feature allows easy and rapid recharging of controllers
  •    Includes two batteries – a 1200 mAh battery and a replacement battery cover
  •    Design your own charging cover by linking multiple blocks from same or different platforms
  •    Charge the block easily by connecting it to the included AC adapter or connecting to a USB port
  •    LED Charge Indicator indicates when the device is fully charged

Price: $19.99 $16.49

4. Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

As the word ‘Elite’ in the name suggests, Xbox Elite Controller is a high-end luxury wireless controller designed by Microsoft as the ultimate gaming pad. Although expensive, the elite controller is the best controller and a game changer.

The design of this controller is the same as that of standard Xbox controller but with an addition of swappable D-pad. Three analog stick choices give you finer control over the controller. The controller also features a set of paddle buttons that attach to the rear of the controller.

The kit comes in a plastic carrying bag that includes the elite controller, multiple extra d-pads, and free sticks, paddles, AA batteries and a quick setup guide. The elite controller is definitely worth splurging money on for competitive gaming sessions.


  •    Customizable analog stick, paddle, and D-pad
  •    Classy matte black finish with metal detailing and a rubberized grip to have hold of your controller
  •    Hair trigger locks help respond faster
  •    Three durable analog sticks – 2 tall concave sticks and a domed set that sits in the middle of concave sticks in terms of height
  •    Customizable button mapping – add four extra buttons using additional four paddles on the rear of the controller
  •    Two durable D-pads – a standard one and a faceted one
  •    Easy set up using manual guide

Price: $141.99

5. Xbox One Stereo Headset

Xbox One Stereo Headset

A good stereo headset is a must for those Xbox one owners who indulge in gaming over Xbox live often. Microsoft’s Xbox stereo headset is the best, yet affordable quality set one can find.

The headset places right over the ear and its cushioned earcups provide great comfort to the ears. The set also features superior audio quality that punches well above its weight.

The set lacks surround sound and thus won’t provide any tactical benefits, but it’s the best for good casual play with friends.


  •    Superior audio quality for both live chat and game audio
  •    Unidirectional microphone helps capture voice clearly
  •    High range audio spectrum (20Hz to 20kHz) for deep bass and clear high frequencies
  •    Foldable Microphone – fold the microphone when not in use to get it out of your way
  •    Detachable stereo headset adapter allows for control over volume, microphone mute and independent control over chat and game audio at your fingertips
  •    No multiple complex wires to be connected to the console

Price: $54.62

6. Turtle Beach Stream Mic

Turtle Beach Stream Mic

Turtle Beach Stream Mic is the only USB microphone with a zero-latency mic monitoring inbuilt headphone jack available for Xbox one. The mic picks up and isolates voice chat from a considerable distance. It’s also a fantastic option for those who stream on the beam or twitch.


  •    Universal compatibility allows for streaming across multiple platforms
  •    TruSpeak technology and high definition voice pick up help produce professional quality recordings for your audience
  •    Studio quality digital processing help balance out EQ, gain, and compression, and other settings for superior performance
  •    Inbuilt zero latency headphone amplifier
  •    Auto-tune your voice by downloading a quick and easy-to-use software

Price: $62.99

7. Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

Elgato HD60 S enables you to record and capture your video gaming sessions in 1080 HD resolution with 60 frames per second (FPS). Its superior video capturing quality is way better than that of inbuilt Xbox one recorder so why not give it a try?

Stream, record and share your gaming sessions with Elgato HD60 S. The product comes with Elgato game capture, a USB and HDMI cable.


  •    High-quality video recording – 1080p with 60 FPS
  •    Integrated USB 3.0 connectivity
  •    Live stream features allow for streaming from Xbox one to twitch, beam, youtube
  •    Low latency technology provides instant game view

Price: $179.95 149.00

8. Xbox One Kinect Sensor

Xbox One Kinect Sensor

Kinect 2.0, originally integrated with Xbox one is one of the best accessories to own for Xbox. Kinect enhances your Xbox and tv experience by combining high-quality camera, IR blaster, and a powerful mic.

Take high-resolution pictures, screenshots, record video clips and send voice messages Kinect 2.0. Kinect also features some enjoyable games to be played with friends and family.


  •    Precise face recognition and motion tracking with 1080 HD resolution
  •    Fast processor can process up to 2 GB of data per second
  •    USB Standard 3.0 allows for fast data transfer
  •    Supports Windows 8
  •    Maximum depth distance of 4.5 meters

Price: $83.09

9. WD My Passport Xbox One External HDD

WD My Passport Xbox One External HDD

Everyone at some point falls short of storage on Xbox because of the space each game occupies. Removing games can be time-consuming and what if you don’t want to remove that game? To deal with this problem, you can purchase external hard drives.

WD external hard disk drive is the best external hard drive for Xbox one and can help add up to 50 more games! Also, it is completely powered by USB support.


  •    Large storage capacity of up to 3 Tb
  •    USB standard 2.0 and 3.0
  •    My Passport 2 Tb is compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox one and Xbox one S
  •    My Passport 3 Tb is compatible with both Xbox one and Xbox one S

Price: $99 (2TB) | $119 (3TB)

10. Xbox One Chatpad

Xbox One Chatpad

Use Xbox One Chatpad to type messages, insert codes and search for apps easily. This chat-tastic device by Microsoft features all the keys of a keyboard which make all the typing work easier.

All you have to do is plug the chat pad to your Xbox one controller. The product also provides a chat headset with an inbuilt 3.5mm jack that can be plugged directly into the chat pad. It’s a must buy if you often send messages on Xbox live.


  •    Includes free chat headset
  •    Headset audio controls at your fingertips
  •    Backlit keys light up the keyboard whenever pressed
  •    Two programmable keys – X1 and X2
  •    Full QWERTY keypad design

Price: $36.99

11. Energizer 2X Smart Charger For Xbox One

Energizer 2X Smart Charger For Xbox One

The Energizer 2X charger is the best reasonably priced rechargeable solution for Xbox one batteries. The product includes two battery packs and a charger stand that can charge two controllers at a time.

The unique thing about this charger is that unlike other charging models, it can charge both elite and standard controllers with just one stand. All in all, it’s an inexpensive charger that keeps your controllers charged and ready to be used.


  •    Charges two Xbox one controllers at a time
  •    Compatible with both standard and elite controller
  •    LCD screen display provides the current charging status of the controllers

Price: $24.99

12. Xbox One Media Remote

Xbox One Media Remote

Xbox one media is a gaming system but works just as well as a media center. The system features plenty of streaming music and video applications. One can also play DVD and Blu-ray using Xbox one media.

It can be hard to control all of these features with just a standard controller, so that’s when Xbox one media comes in handy. It makes all the controlling easier and more convenient.

This remote gives you full control over Netflix, Youtube, HBO Go and many other entertainment apps. Xbox one media is a budget-friendly and worthy option if you make extensive use of your Xbox as a media center.


  •    Easy to use remote allows the user to control everything on Xbox one
  •    Use of OneGuide button provides access to all the favorites at one place with a single touch
  •    Control Blu-rays and video streaming on Xbox one
  •    Effortless navigation through apps and menus
  •    Sleek and classy design
  •    Silicone finish makes the remote easy to hold on
  •    Motion-activate backlit keys
  •    Signal reach of up to 30-foot range (in a straight line from the console)

Price: $18.98

13. Thrustmaster TMX for Xbox One

Thrustmaster TMX for Xbox One

Xbox one features tons of great racing and driving games such as Forza Horizon 2 and Motorsport 6. Playing these games with a standard controller is fun, but a driving wheel can take the racing experience to a whole new level.

Thrustmaster TMX is the best steering wheel, and it can even help improve your laps. It makes the gaming seem so real with its 900 degrees motion and full force feedback.

It also features two pedal sets, and the pedals have an adjustable inclination. The pedals give the feel of a real brake pedal in a real car. All in all, Thrustmaster TMX is the best racing wheel for Xbox one.


  •    Rubber coated wheel grips for realistic feel
  •    900 degrees force feedback – rotation angle can be adjusted from 270 to 900 degrees
  •    Good internal memory and upgradeable firmware
  •    Inbuilt buttons for Xbox one – Xbox guide, view and menu button
  •    Complete driving gear with 12 action buttons and a D-pad
  •    Compatible with all driving games on Xbox one
  •    Pedals – wide foot rest, adjustable inclination, progressive resistance
  •    Compatible with Windows PC (7,8,10,Vista)

Price: $223.27

14. Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai

Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai

Xbox one, unlike Sony Playstation 4 is not all that great when it comes to fighting games. Street Fighter V being exclusive to Sony PS4 could be one of the reasons. Xbox one does feature some amazing fighters such as Killer extinct or dead or alive five last round but getting an arcade stick can make it a whole lot better.

The best arcade stick you can get is Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai. It works great and is quite inexpensive when compared to Mad Catz sticks. It’s a mod-friendly stick that allows you to add more buttons and a joystick according to your wants.

The framework features heavy duty construction which makes it a long-lasting option.


  •    Versatile – works on Xbox one, Xbox 360 and Windows
  •    Features original Hori Hayabusa stick and Kuro buttons – A, B, X, Y, left bumper, right bumper, left trigger and right trigger
  •    Wide chassis with sleek design and heavy duty construction
  •    Adequate cable storage

Price: $119

15. Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Xbox one Stereo Adapter is a must have for those who own any of the stereo gaming headsets. The adapter makes your headset fit into your controller properly. The adapter has its own set of cool features such as instant mute and volume control.

Xbox One Headset Adapter ensures good quality since it is Microsoft’s self-designed adapter. The product includes the adapter, USB cable and 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack adapter.


  •    Allows you to connect most of the wired headsets to Xbox one
  •    Adjust chat audio on Xbox one without taking your hands off the controller
  •    Connect to the tv or console to add game audio
  •    Controls microphone mute, volume and chat audio
  •    3.5 mm audio jack enables a stereo headset to connect to the controller

Price: $24.99

16. XFUNY Professional Auto-sensing Cooling Fan

XFUNY Professional Auto-sensing Cooling Fan

Continuous and long gaming sessions can sometimes heat up your Xbox one. This problem can also occur if you connect multiple devices to a TV with close proximity. Heating can potentially damage your Xbox, so it’s best to take care of it.

XFUNY cooling fan can take care of this kind of situation by cooling and sucking out heat from your Xbox.


  •    Best suitable for Xbox one
  •    Robust high-speed motor with soundless aviation fluid design speeds up the cooling process
  •    Smart auto-sensing processor begins the cooling automatically when the temperature goes above 35 degrees
  •    Provided USB cable enables direct connection and power support
  •    Easy installation. Classy and Elegant design matches with the lines of a Xbox one console

Price: $24.65

17. GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

A Vanguard is someone who defends his country and protects the innocent, but in this case, GAEMS Vanguard is a personal guard for your Xbox one. It helps protect your Xbox one from any damage when you are traveling and moving your Xbox a lot.

The carrying case does come with a hefty price tag, but it is to be expected since it’s a unique product in the gaming sphere.

GAEMS Vanguard comes with an inbuilt monitor and speakers that let you take the complete gaming experience with you everywhere you go.


  •    19-inch LED HD display (non-reflective), speakers and dual headphone jacks
  •    Simple setup – open, plug it in and play!
  •    Lightweight and durable
  •    Compatible with Xbox one, Xbox 360/xbox 360S and PS3 slim console
  •    Included remote control makes it easy to take care of, and PGE sling makes it easy to carry along

Price: $299.36

18. Xbox One S Vertical Stand

Xbox One S Vertical Stand

Tired of viewing your Xbox from the same horizontal angle? Now you can view your Xbox one S from a new vertical angle with Xbox One S vertical stand. Use this stand to place and position your Xbox S console in an upright position for perfect setup and fit.

Also, its elegant, sleek body can add up to the looks of your console.


  •    Compatible with Xbox one S
  •    Original product by Microsoft ensures the best quality
  •    Lightweight

Price: $15.90

19. Collective Minds Hard Drive Enclosure

Collective Minds Hard Drive Enclosure

Connect the collective minds hard drive to expand your gaming frontiers. Collective Minds Hard Drive Enclosure also lets you charge your controllers when connected to its USB ports.

This Hard drive makes sure you never run out of space in your game library. It’s dedicated to Xbox one consoles and works as if it were a part of the console itself!

The drive comes hidden inside the hub, so you won’t have to deal with ugly wires hanging outside.


  •    Designed to match Xbox one console and custom fit
  •    2.5” Hard drive enclosure
  •    3 USB ports 3.0 located in the front
  •    Hard drive needed can be max 12 mm and minimum 256 GB

Price: $29.99

Wrapping it up:

So, these were some of the best Xbox accessories. Here, we tried to cover various types of accessories based on their applications. Hence we hope that now you can choose the best Xbox accessories without any confusions.

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