How To Backup | Restore Sticky Notes In Windows 10

If you frequently use Sticky Notes apps in Windows 10, then you definitely looking for a way to backup your important notes so that you can easily restore them, if something goes wrong. This post will show you how to do that.

backup and restore sticky note in windows 10

The sticky note is serving the Windows OS since the first edition of Windows XP is released by the Microsoft. Following the tradition, it is also a part of Windows 10 too. It is a very useful application using which you can write down quick notes as well as a to-do list app.

Sticky Notes App in Windows 10

Sticky Notes is a default Windows 10 app that let you create and save notes on your desktop and customize later a little via different color and size.

Prior to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the company has ditched the classic sticky notes apps and introduced the refined modern sticky note app. It has strong integration with Windows search and Cortana app.

In the classic Sticky Notes app keep all the notes under %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes folder. But in the latest build of Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607) note does not keep the notes in the location of the Sticky notes modern app.

So, the classic method for making a backup and restoring Sticky Notes does not work anymore. Even the worst part is that there is no software available to help users in backing up and restoring Sticky notes in Windows 10.

But there is an easy workaround available that will teach you how you can easily make backup and restore Windows 10 Sticky Notes to transfer notes to another Windows 10 PC or restore after a reinstall or clean installation of Windows 10.

Important: The method which you’re going to read in upcoming for backing up Windows 10 Sticky Notes only works if you’re on Windows 10 Anniversary Update build (1607) or above. So before following the make sure to check the current version of Windows 10.

Backup Sticky Notes in Windows 10

The modern Sticky Notes app keep the data of sticky notes in a database file which reads “plum.sqlite”.  To create the backup, you just need to create the copy of the same file. Here is what you need to do:

1. First of all close the Sticky Notes app in Windows 10

2. After that copy and paste the following location in the address bar of the Windows 10 File Explorer and hit Enter to quickly reach the targeted location:


3. From the following location, you need to copy the “plum.sqlite” and keep it another location. It can be a folder on your Windows 10 Hard drive or on an external hard drive or backup device.

backup sticky note app in windows 10


That’s it.

Restore Sticky Notes in Windows 10

After reinstalling a Windows 10, if you want to restore Windows 10 Sticky notes, then you can do that by using the “plum.sqlite” backup file which you have saved using above discussed method.

Here is what you need to do:

1. First of all, ensure that Sticky Note app is not running. You can check that right from the Windows 10 Task Manager. And if it is running then close it first.

sticky notes running in windows 10 task manager

2. Again copy and paste the following location in the address bar of the Windows 10 File Explorer and hit Enter to quickly reach the targeted location


3. Here paste the backed up “plum.sqlite” file in the targeted folder.

restore sticky note app in windows 10

4. Now launch the Sticky Note app and you will find that all the previous stick notes.

That’s it.

In case, you have any issue related to Stick Note apps, then you can reset or reinstall Windows 10 Sticky Notes app.

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