12 Best Clipboard Manager for Windows 10

If you spend lots of your time on your Windows 10 PC, then you definitely perform lots of copy paste right? You can take help of Clipboard manager for making this copy paste task easy.

best clipboard manager app for windows 10

Copy and paste are the daily essential tasks that we need to perform on our Windows 10 PC, and with the help of various clipboard manager tools for Windows 10, these simple yet effective works become easy and well-managed.

To access all your copy-paste jobs in one place and to manage or modify them for various purposes a clipboard manager tool is a must-have. Now, you can avail some of the best clipboard Managers of all time for free and also in paid versions.

Check out the latest Windows 10 Clipboard managers and their features before settling for one.

Best Clipboard Manager Apps for Windows 10

1. Clipboard

clipboard manager app for windows 10

You can avail this tool from Microsoft app store, for absolutely free which according to the developer, is perfectly capable of meeting accessibility requirements.


  • It is only compatible with Windows 10 and 8.1.
  • This tool allows you to share data to and from your clipboard by using the Share Charm feature.
  • Syncing is easy with this tool.
  • Very easy to use interface.

2. Clipboard Manager

clipboard manager app for windows 10

With the help of Clipboard Manager, you can easily interact with Windows 10 PC clipboard. It is very simple and powerful application that let you view and save photos, links, and text lying in the clipboard.


  • It show you photos, links, text, and the list of copied or cut files from clipboard
  • Copying into clipboard images, links, and text from Windows store apps
  • You can edit text that you have copied to the clipboard
  • You can also add copied links or text in favorites

3. Ctrl + C

Ctrl+C clipboard manager for windows 10

It is a lightweight and simple clipboard application for Windows 10 (Universal Windows Platforms.) powered by Cortana app. If you do lots of cuts, copy and paste on your Windows 10 PC, then this application will make it easier.


  • You can launch the application by saying “Control C” to Cortana
  • You can add multiple clipboard items
  • You can Pin and Tap a live tile to copy

Best Clipboard Manager for Windows 10 [Third Party]

1. ClipboardFusion

clipboardfusion for windows 10

ClipboardFusion is one of the most popular tools that comes with an array of features. You can avail it both for free and in paid version.


  • Text Scrubbing can be done where you will be able to copy and paste a text without any formatting like bold, italic, whitespace, HTML tags etc.
  • Setting this tool to text scrub can be done in 3 different ways which include, 1) to scrub all copied text, 2) only scrub double-copied text and 3) the various hotkeys provided in the tool can be manually applied to scrub text.
  • With the help of Text Replace option, you will be able to find and replace any text string with another.
  • Clipboard preview option helps you to see the preview of your image files and other screenshots taken through the Print Screen Key. In addition to this, you can also see the HTML Color codes, hence best for web developers.
  • By using C# you can create all types of Macros to add more power to your work.
  • Clipboard syncing is available with the purchase of the license where you can sync all your entries with other devices.

2. Ethervane Echo

It is a clipboard extension for the Windows XP version and to all the later ones, so using it in Windows10 is possible and also for free.


  • This tool is absolutely a must-have for the writers, translators or programmers because it can automatically capture copied text to the clipboard and stores it in the database which can be later retrieved.
  • The instant search option helps in finding a specific string of text in your previous entries.
  • It only captures text in multiple formats and not images or other non-text data.
  • The advanced search modes help in using wildcards and logical expressions.
  • The keyboard shortcuts in this tool let you use only your keyboard instead of the mouse also so that you do not need to interrupt your writing tasks.
  • Those users who are very much concerned about their privacy can use an in-memory database only in order to prevent the clips from saving to disk.

3. ClipCube

clipcube for windows 10

You can avail clipcube for free and in case you feel the previous clipboard manager tool is a little bit of complex then I can assure with this clipboard manager you will get the simplest user interface.


  • This tool works both as a clipboard manager and a notetaking app.
  • You can effortlessly edit your previous entries in order to get what you want.
  • Easy to use application with the visually appealing interface.
  • A self-contained program which needs no installation.

4. Ditto

ditto clipboard manager for windows 10

Ditto is free to download extension of the standard windows clipboard which is very efficient and less time-consuming in nature.


  • It comes with the search option that helps you to find out a particular text string that you need from your entries.
  • You can use the sync option while working on multiple devices.
  • The interface is very easy to use.
  • When sent over the network the data will be encrypted for safety.
  • You can double-click, press the enter key or use the drag and drop feature to select any entry.

5. Save.me

save me clipboard manager for windows 10

Save.me is also a freeware that you can use as an efficient clipboard manager for your Windows 10 PC.


  • It has the capability to save anything to your clipboard including files, graphics, texts, folders, URLs, and emails.
  • It is the easiest way to organize your entries.
  • It is a small executable file that you can run from anywhere.
  • The tool completely relies on itself and is fully portable in nature.

6. ShapeShifter

shapeshifter clipboard manager for windows 10

ShapeShifter is a clipboard extender that you can get for free to manage your copy and paste data in your Windows 10 PC.


  • It enhances the functionality of your clipboard and unlike any other clipboard manager, it is very light in weight.
  • You do not need to use any new shortcuts as you can do it completely with Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.
  • You can add entries to the clipboard including HTML, text, videos, pictures, files etc.

7. ArsClip

arsclip clip manager for windows 10

You can have this clipboard manager absolutely free to manage all the data in your clipboard. The pasting in this tool is basically done by using a triggered pop-up window that can also be triggered by a hotkey.


  • You can copy and paste an array of data formats including RichText, picture, file copy, HTML, and Unicode.
  • The tool is highly configurable.
  • For copying and pasting operation permanent clips/Macros are present.
  • Clipboard bar and clipboard viewer come with this tool.
  • It does not need any installation as an optional setup program is included in it.

8. Clipboard Master

clipboard master for windows 10

You can download the clipboard Master for free. With its array of features, it will prove you really efficient in order to manage your copy-paste works.


  • It supports multiples data formats including text, files, folders, images etc.
  • The built-in search option let you find any string of words from the entries.
  • You can store up to 10,000 entries and with the help of the fixed clipboard feature, you can save your most accessed data in order access it quickly.
  • The built-in filter tool helps the user to only access a certain format of data, whichever he wants.


clcl clipboard manager for windows 10

It is available through free download or plug-in. This utility tool has a very easy interface, which anyone can handle.


  • All types of data format can be copied to the clipboard.
  • The template can be registered and ‘ALT+C’ displays the pop-up menu.
  • The entries are paste automatically and all the pictures are displayed by the menu.
  • With the plug-in option, the functions can be extended.

So these are some of the best clipboard managers for Windows 10. Now it’s your turn to select the one which fulfills your requirements. Don’t forget to let us know which you choose for your Windows 10 PC.

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  1. I also recommend to use clipboard manager. I am coder and I use clipboard very often. For 10 years I was using different clipboard managers for saving history of clips. Now time has come and I have made my own clipboard manager – Clip Angel (freeware, open source) for Windows https://sourceforge.net/projects/clip-angel . It was inspired by AceText, ClipDiary, Ditto (my favorites). It make paste in most reliable way, so it can paste in RDP, CMD, elevated windows independently from current input language. It has the most convenient filter by clip text I ever saw. It allows viewing RTF and HTML formatting. For the security minded, It will not capture passwords from password managers like KeePass. Give it a try.

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