5 Best Email Client Apps for Windows 10 Desktop

If you’re Windows 10 users and have a question in mind i.e. What are some of the best email client apps for Windows 10? In this article, you will find the answer to it.

Best Email Client Apps for Windows 10

For those users who have more than one active email, opening the emails back to back in a browser is not a good idea. For convenience, simplicity, and productivity using a Windows 10 Email Client is a smart choice.

Why to Choose Email Client Apps in Windows 10?

There are a few things that would make it easier if you use an email client in Windows 10, namely:

  • Practical – You don’t need to log into each email service. You just need to add all your email accounts into that email client and manage all the emails just in one place.
  • Productive – You will get Email client notifications directly in the Windows notification center, so you will not miss the many important emails, especially if they are related to the business and jobs.
  • Easy – In addition, you can simply launch the email client to view all email, and email management in one dashboard.

It is apparent that the email client is one of the mandatory application you need to have in Windows 10.

Best Email Client Apps for Windows 10

There are so many Windows 10 email client apps available on the internet, but here are the five best email apps which you must install on the Windows 10:

1. EmailTray

This is my favorite email client along. Although the design of this app looks like most old school apps, but it provides top notch features.

emailtray for windows 10
Image: winpoin.com

One thing that I like about EmailTray is its ability to separate the important emails and bring up notification of important emails only. The application separate your emails in three tabs which are labeled as Top Priority, Low Priority, and No Priority.

More you use the EmailTray application more intelligent it will become. On the basis of your activities (read, reply delete, forward, report as a spam), it determines which emails are important.

We highly recommend you EmailTray, especially if the account you’re using receive lots of emails every day. The bonus is that you can use all the features of this application free of cost.

2. eM Client

If you totally depend on the emails to do business, then eM Client is the right choice. It makes you power users of your email account.

em client for windows 10
Image: winpoin.com

eM Client provides advanced features which are listed below:

  • Quick Text to create email templates
  • You can schedule your emails to send them later.
  • Mail Translation feature to translate email with just one click

Another cool feature is its Dark Mode. Using this feature you can enable dark mode in the application and make viewing comfortable. I personally like the Dark mode in Windows 10. So when you enable dark mode in eM Client app it seems like part of the operating system.

Another feature I like is the Contact Details tab, which will display all email communications from a contact, which makes reading email as easy as reading the chat.

With free version of eM Client you get access to all the features but with only two email accounts. If you have more than two email accounts, then you need to upgrade to pro version for $29.95

eM Client is very powerful just like Microsoft Outlook. So you must give a try to this email client.

3. Inky

If you really concern about the security of your email account, then you must go with Inky because it offers you a secure encrypted email communications.

inky email client for windows 10
Image: winpoin.com

But not only that, Filtered Inbox is another cool feature which helps in displaying Inky Inbox emails that you have filtered out of Social Media, Subscription, Newsletter, etc.

That way you can easily find your important emails and helps in getting rid from the mails you really don’t care about.

The home users can use Inky for free, but if you want to use the app for businesses that need access to their business such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google Apps, then you need to purchase the subscription.

In many cases, the free version of Inky provides you enough feature which a users expect from an ideal email client.

4. Windows Mail

Well if you’re a Windows 10 user, you are already equipped with default Windows Mail application. Because it is built-in email client in Windows 10, it offers the best integration and performance. However, it provides you basic features.

windows live email client in windows 10

But the good thing of default email client of Windows 10 is that you can use all the features without any limitation. The bonus is that you can add as much email account you want.

Windows Mail is already integrated into Windows 10, so you do not need to download or install. Simply open the Mail app through the Start Menu and start using it.

5. Mailbird

One of the best thing about Mailbird is it’s amazing design. It provides you very simple, clean, and modern design.

mailbird email client for windows 10
Image: winpoin.com

It is another good email client that offers you feature more than your expectations which are:

  • Speed Reader feature for readint the emails quickly
  • You can check the preview of the email attachment.
  • Snooze email feature turn off notification for incoming  mails which you don’t want to read
  • Integration with popular messenger like WhatsApp, Slack, etc.

Mailbird is available for free with some limitations like you can use only one email account. Also, you will not get popular features like email snooze and speed reader. To enjoy these features you need to make payment of $1 per month of you make one time payment of $45

So this is good and decent email client if you upgrade to pro version, but if you don’t want to upgrade, then you can choose any email client mentioned above.

These are some of the best email client apps for Windows 10 that you can use. It is apparent that EmailTray is a mail client Windows applications that we recommend because of his intelligence.

What do you think about the list? Do you have any other favorite email client? If any please share in the comments with details of its excellent features.

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