15 Best Extensions for Edge Browser in Windows 10

Want to enrich your Microsoft Edge browser experience in Windows 10? And for that you’re looking for some of the best extensions for Edge browser in Windows 10, this article is dedicated to you.

best microsoft edge browser extensions

Microsoft ditched Internet Explorer and introduced Microsoft Edge, the default browser in Windows 10. The Edge browser is performing better than Internet Explorer in beta stage as well as some other modern browser available for Windows 10. No doubt its has lots of interesting features but lack some features like Extensions.

Microsoft is working hard on its upcoming major Windows 10 upgrade, named as Anniversary update, which is due for summer. The company already announced on its official blog that Extension will become the part of Edge browser with Windows 10 Anniversary update.

In the meantime, the company has also released a new Insider Preview builds for the users who have enrolled for testing Insider Preview. The most awaited extension feature is available for the users who’re running Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14291 or above.

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions 2017

At the moment, there are very limited and useful extensions available on the Windows Store for Edge browser, which is released by the company. Also, some third-party extensions are available which you can also install on the browser.

In this article, I decided to make a list of some of the best extension for Edge browser in Windows 10. I hope you really like it and install on Edge browser. So here goes the first one:

Note: To get good results from the following extensions, you must be running Windows 10 Anniversary Update Version 1607. Check out this article to Download and Install Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Best Office Suite Extension for Edge Browser

1. Microsoft Office Online

microsoft office online extension for edge browser

Official Microsoft Office Suite Extension for Edge browser.

Best Password Manager Extension for Edge Browser

2. LastPass

download lastpass extension for edge browser

Official Extension of LastPass that let you saves your passwords and provides you secure access from every mobile device and computer.

Best Ad Blocker Extension for Edge Browser

3. Adblock and AdBlock Plus

adblock plus extension for edge browser

Both of them are free adblocker extension available for Edge browser that let you block all the distracting ads, tracking, and malware. To know more about how this app work, check Adblock or Adblock Plus Extension for Edge browser.

Best Userscript Manager Extension for Edge Browser

4. TamperMonkey 

tampermonkey extension for edge browser

It allows users to inject additional JavaScript into web pages which you open in your browser. Using the extension users can add and remove features as well as automated hacky things.

Best Developer Extension for Edge Browser

 5. Page Analyzer

page analyzer extension for edge browser

This extension dedicated to the developer that helps them to improve the website compatibility by scanning common issues, optimization, and option to apply test best coding practices.

Best Translation Extension for Edge Browser

6. Microsoft Translator

microsoft language translator extension for edge browser

Language translator extension for Edge by Microsoft. It let you translate more than 50+ foreign languages. Just click on the icon available on the address to quickly translate the page.

Best Reddit Extension for Edge Browser

7. Reddit Enhancement Suite

reddit extension for edge browser

Improve your Reddit browsing experience on Edge with this extension.

Productivity Extension for Edge Browser

8. Ghostery

With the help of Ghostery, you can speed up your web page loads, kill clutter, and shield your privacy and data for faster, decent and trustworthy browsing experience.

9. Mouse Gesture

mouse gesture extension for edge browser

It helps customers to perform basic browsing works by right-clicking and then gesturing with the mouse.

10. Evernote Web Clipper

evernote extension for edge browser

You can use this extension to save things you like from the internet to your Evernote account.

11. Save to Pocket

pocket extension for edge browser

Official Pocket extension for Edge browser that let you keep all your favorite videos, articles and related stuff in one place. It automatically syncs the pocket app on your phone, tablet, and computer.

12. OneNote Web Clipper

onenote web clipper extension for edge browser

It helps you to save anything from the web to your OneNote easily.

13. Turn Off the Lights for Microsoft Edge

turn off the light extension for edge browser

This extension helps you to dim anything which is nearby the HTML5 or Flash video you’re watching.

Social Share Extension for Edge Browser

14. Pin It Button

pinterest extension for edge browser

Official Pinterest extension for Edge that let you save the creative ideas around the web, just by clicking a Pin It button.

In case you don’t know about how to install the extension on Edge browser, then check out our previous article on how to install extensions on Edge browser.

Some third party Microsoft Edge extensions are also available over the web which is worth trying. So in the below section, you will find some best extensions from trusted sources

Unofficial Edge Browser Extensions

1. Tweeten

tweeten extension for edge browser

It’s the official TweetDeck client for Edge browser, ported from Chrome extension. Grab the extension here

Some other Extensions for Edge browser:

  • Instant Translate: Translate any web page in 104 languages
  • Breeze: Allow users to choose a particular tab.

Installing a third party extension of Edge browser follows a different procedure. You can check our detailed guide on how to install third-party Extensions on Microsoft Edge browser.

All the above unofficial extension for Edge browser is ported just by doing a little work around to convert Chrome extension into Edge browser. In case you want to port your favorite Chrome extension to the edge. Check out our article on How to Port Chrome Extensions to work in Edge browser.

Note: The page will be updated time to time with a more useful extension for Microsoft Edge browser. So keep checking the page.

For articles on Microsoft Edge browser, visit Microsoft Edge Browser Section

Why don’t you try out these useful Edge extensions and let us know your favorite and best extensions for Edge browser in Windows 10?

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