13 Best Internet Download Manager for Windows 10 Mobile | PC

It is not always possible to access the internet and watch or listen to our favorite videos and music every time. In that case, we love to download them and save them for future use.

best download manager for windows 10 mobile/pc 2016

And here the download managing apps come into play. So, you have a windows 10 installed on your PC or own a Windows phone and now you want to install some worthy download manager for downloading music, videos, and any type of file hosted on the web right?

No worries, there are a huge number of download managers available in the market. Then which one to choose? Also, some of them are paid and most of them are for free which make the decision tougher.

I know you are facing a hard time deciding the best download manager software or apps for your Windows 10 mobile or PC.

Do not worry! Here in this article, you will read about some of the best download manager apps available for windows 10 platform in the Windows Store as well as on the web ( the third party download software).

Best Internet Download Manager Apps/Softwares for Windows 10 Mobile/PC

Go ahead try a few and select your manager and oh! You are welcome.

1. Turbo Download Manager App

Turbo Download Manager is one of the first download manager apps that accelerate in the Windows app store. With TDM downloading becomes really fast and easy. This app is free to download. Try it today for fast downloading experience at any network.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

2. Internet Download Manager [LZ] Pro

This paid app has many features that most of the free apps do not have. Also, it will give you the leverage of downloading large files of any type in the background. So you do not need to keep your mobile on for long hours till the download finished. You need to pay $1.99 for purchasing this app.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

3. Ultimate Downloader

ultimate downloader for windows 10 app

Ultimate Downloader is a quick and dirty style downloader. You can download and play all the files supported by Windows. The quick downloading process and the classy look accumulate in this app. You can download this app for free.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

4. Download Manager

download manager app for windows 10

The Download Manager can be used to download big files without any effort. You can download it for free from the Windows play store. This app promises you downloading and playing MP3 or MP4 files with ease. It is also capable of running the download in the background.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

5. File Downloader

file downloader for windows 10 mobile


Download manager that let you download any file using the FTP client or a web browser. It also let you manage your download in local storage, media library, popular cloud services and more. Once downloading is started, close the app, as the file will be downloaded in the background.

The paid version of File downloader is also available. You can purchase it at a price of $4.99.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

Download Manager for Windows 10 PC (Third Party Software)

1. Microsoft Download Manager

microsoft download manager for windows 10

This download manager from Microsoft is worth mentioning in our list which is simple in structure but easily, download all complex and big files and gives you the leverage of enjoying offline videos, music, movies etc.

2. Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is very popular as a download manager among the Windows users. This manager can be downloaded for free on your PC and immediately you can enjoy the extensive features it has.

3. JDownloader

This software is free to download which gives you the leverage of pausing and resuming the download whenever you want. So that you do not need to open your device for a longer period while downloading big files.

4. Download Accelerator Plus

download acceleration plus for windows 10

This one of the most popular download manager for windows.  You can download the free version of this app which is ad-supported. You will experience the fastest and smooth downloading experience with this manager.

5. FlashGet

Flashget is also one of the most sought after downloader software for windows 10 which can be downloaded free and comes with a variety of features. The software has a very light footprint yet it works efficiently and gives you smooth downloading experience.

6. Free Download Manager

free download manager for windows 10

It is a one of the most powerful and modern download accelerator and organizer for Windows platform. It let you organize downloads, adjust traffic usage, resume broken downloads and easily downloads the large size files.

Using this download manager you can boost the download speed upto 10 times. It comes with lots of powerful features which are worth trying.

7. Internet Download Manager

internet download manager for windows 10

It is one of the best download managers for Windows 10 that boost up the download speed upto 5 times as well as schedule and resume downloads. It’s error recovery and resume feature let you restart the interrupted or broken download due to network problems, lost connections,  unexpected power outages and computer shutdowns.

8. FlashGet

FlashGet is new download manager available in the market giving tough competition to other software’s available on the web. It is 100% free and clean from adware and spyware. You can easily install and use it.

Like other best download managers, it increases the speed and stability upto 6-10 times than normal. It automatically removes the download file which host-virus, spyware, adware and related stuff. It also comes with a powerful management system for easy management of downloaded files.

Most of the download manager software’s and apps mentioned in the article are free so, you can easily download them and check their eligibility according to your choice. So before settling for one you have enough option for experimenting.

Though all of them are equally worthy but as choices shift with humans, you have to find your own personal download manager through experimenting only.

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