20+ Best RSS Readers Apps for Windows 10

If you’re one out of those users who have a busy schedule and by the end of the day left with no time to visit your favorite news sites to feed your news hunger, then you may find RSS Reader apps useful.

best rss reader apps for windows 10 pc

Those who’re not aware of RSS Reader apps, trust me, nothing can serve you better than an RSS Reader which will instantaneously give the updates of recently published news from your favorite news sites.

The most important thing that will largely affect your choice of selecting a particular RSS reader is the way the news is presented. If you spend most of the time on your Windows 10 PC, then just by installing a single RSS Reader app you can feed your news hunger.

There are a variety of useful and best RSS Readers apps available on the Windows store that are insanely popular in the market right now. So keeping this thing in mind I compiled the list of Windows 10 RSS Reader apps

Pick any one, you feel the most useful for you.

Best RSS Reader Apps for Windows 10 PC

1. Nextgen Reader

nextgen reader app for windows 10

It is a universal app for Windows that you need to purchase from the Microsoft app store. After buying and logging in with this fast, clean and very powerful RSS news reader you will be able to run it on multiple devices including Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, and PC.

It is a paid app and cost around $1.99. Nextgen Reader UWP application is also available. It is also a paid app and cost your around $4.99.

2. Readily

readiy rss reader app for windows 10

It is a free app available for Windows PC, which is hugely popular among readers because of its simple, fast and intuitive design. The dynamic tile sizing with the feature of marking as reading while you scroll worth a shot.

3. NewsXpreso Pro

news expresso pro rss reader app for windows 10

Availing this absolutely free app both for your Windows PC and mobile will get your hands on the friendliest and smartest news reader which will let you follow your favorite news sites, videos, blogs, magazines etc. in multiple languages.

The magazine layout of this app with the 3D page flipping effect help the reader to get the most suitable reading experience.

4. Fedora Reader

fedora reader app for windows 10

This free app lets you add your own feeds through URL, or you can choose from a large list of curated and categorized feeds. Not only that, if you want, this app can also run in the background of your PC or mobile to incorporate new news every time it has been published to keep you up to date.

5. Wave RSS Reader

wave rss reader app for windows 10

Wave RSS Reader lets you manage your RSS subscription by entering URL or searching from the large list of the popular news feed. It simply downloads the news articles and stories on the PC so that you can access the news offline. This app needs to be purchased and only available for PC.

It is a paid app and cost around $1.29

6. Newsflow

newsflow rss reader app for windows 10

This free app comes with an array of features including receiving instant notification of news, sharing them with friends, browse news headlines through grouped keywords, pin live tiles, changing orientation, organizing the feed into categories etc.

7. Veen Reader

veen reader rss reader app for windows 10

This free app is available for Windows PC. By availing this standalone app, you will get the option to use more than one feed, local or both types of accounts.

8. FeedLab

feedlab rss reader app for windows 10

Feedlab is a free app and compatible for PC, mobile, tablet and other devices. The features include setting your homepage with all the important articles, or specific categories, changing the size and alignment of the text for your comfort, customizing the colors and theme of the categories and application respectively according to your choices etc.

9. Dark RSS Reader

Dark RSS Reader app for windows 10

This useful news reader comes free on the Microsoft app store and you can really have some effective features with it, like pinning messages, filter and highlight messages by the help of keywords and configurable refresh times.

10. MyReader

myreader rss reader app for windows 10

This app is free and compatible with both PC and mobile devices. With this app you will get no restrictions on the number of accounts and the simple motto of this app is to connect you via the easiest way to your favorite news websites, blogs, magazines etc. Also, you can make changes in your account while you are offline and it will then be updated at the moment you get online.

11. Tiny Tiny RSS Reader

tiny tiny rss reader app for windows 10

Can be used in both Windows PC and mobile devices Tiny Tiny RSS reader is absolutely free for its users. Availing this app will get you to read articles from all your feeds, live tiles for unread articles, manually or automatically marking of articles as the favorite, published or read, browse through different headlines with various sorting options etc.

12. Tickers

tickers rss reader app for windows 10

Get live notification of news, updates, and about various personalized categories absolutely for free on your Windows PC and mobile with this app. To get those, there is no need of registration, just download the app, subscribe to your favorite tickers and enable push notifications. You can also build your own tickers and share it with others.

13. Ninja News Reader

ninja rss reader app for windows 10

This free to download the app for your Windows PC and mobile devices is extremely useful in terms of getting live notification of news in the form of tiles. This form is easy to read and also effortless to navigate. Also, this app automatically gets synced to other devices to give you the most efficient results.

14. Hypersonic

hypersonic rss reader app for windows 10

You need to purchase this app, compatible for both mobile and computer devices from the Microsoft app store. The array of features it offers are two-way synchronization with NewsBlur, easy to use and tidy interface, adaptive to your device, swiping left and right to flip through articles, easy to share articles, live tile support etc.

It is a paid app and cost your around $0.99

15. Universal Reader

universal reader app for windows 10

This app is free and suitable for both Windows mobile and desktop devices. Absolutely flawless to use interface, lite article mode, syncing settings, dark and light theme, live notification and tile etc. are some of the reasons you must have this RSS Reader app.

16. Smart RSS Reader

smart rss reader app for windows 10

This free smart RSS reader app is both suitable for Windows desktop and mobile devices. The live and toast notifications can be easily customized according to your choices. Searching the list of news is effortless through inserting keywords. Enable the dark theme and share your news feeds with other while availing in different languages.

Third Party RSS readers for Windows 10 PC

So these are some of the best RSS Reader apps for Windows 10 PC. Why don’t you give a try these apps and let us know your favorite one in the comment section?

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