17 Best Twitter Apps/Clients for Windows 10 Mobile/PC

Let’s admit the fact that we do not like the official Twitter app at all. It lacks most of the good features that other third party clients offer.

best twitter clients and apps for windows 10 mobile/pc

Since the release Twitter has received some updates though they are not very satisfying. And because of this reason people usually get hooked on to third party Twitter clients which are more usable.

In actual there are a hell lot of Twitter apps available in the Windows Store and most of them are offering good features. To help you in finding the best one, I am giving you the list of best Twitter clients and apps for Windows 10 mobile and PC, that are very popular among users, so that you can choose any of them.

Best Twitter Apps/Clients for Windows 10 Mobile/PC

1. Aeries

aeries twitter app for windows 10

It is one of the best third-party clients of Twitter. Some of the features it includes are; it can manage your dashboard and tweet from multiple accounts, view multiple columns, bookmark the tweets for later etc. It featuring the brand new design that will make using Twitter easier for the users.

It is a paid application and you need to pay $1.99 for using it.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

2. Fenice for Twitter

fenice twitter apps for windows 10

Fenice is a Universal Windows 10 app, so you can both use it in Windows 10 PC or Mobile. This is one of my favorite apps because of its interactive notifications. You have to pay for this app, though the money is worth paying for the features it includes are really useful in managing your Twitter account.

It is also a paid app and you need to pay $1.99. In case, you want to try it, then the trial is also available.

Support: Windows 10 PC

3. Simple Twitter Client

simple twitter client for windows 10

Through Simple Twitter Client, you can view the conversation in a more organized manner and also the list in the Twitter can be managed with ease. Since its release this has gained popularity mostly because of the features that it offers, unlike the official Twitter app also you can download the app for free.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

4. TwitDuck

twitduck twitter app for windows 10

TwitDuck has some special features that the official app does not. to manage your twitter account more efficiently you can install this app. Features like the Read later option, customized and flexible search, keywords and mute hashtags etc are some to name a few. You can download this app for free.

Support: Windows 10 PC

5. Tweet IT

tweet it client for windows 10

Tweet IT is the most organized app that you have ever seen. The animations, layouts, icons, everything look great in this app. This app is a paid twitter client, though the money worth its features. Just try it out. I bet you will be its fan.

The application is paid and you can purchase it for $5.99.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

6. Tweetium

tweetium twitter app for windows 10

Tweetium is a Universal Windows 10 app which means you can install and use the app both in the Windows 10 Mobile and PC. The design of the app is responsive in nature so when you change the size of the windows it changes the layout with it. It has a large user base since its release and till now gaining popularity with each updated version. You can start using this application just by paying $2.99.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

7. TweetWrap

tweetwrap app for windows 10

TweetWrap offers its user the best way to search the Twitter. You just have to set your parameter and search then you can utilize the results according to your needs. This app is free to download.

Support: Windows 10 PC

8. Mehdoh

mehdow app for windows 10

Mehdoh is widely accepted and used because of its some significant features like the ease of scheduling post, the option of repeat shares, the addition of multiple Twitter accounts, Vine video playback, voice commands, fully customizable layout etc.

Again Mehdoh is another free Twitter client for Windows 10 Mobile.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

9. MeTweets

metweet twitter app for windows 10

MeTweets is one of the most sought after Twitter clients as an alternative to the Twitter app because it let you manage more than one Twitter accounts with ease. Also, the features it offers including Smart split, Smart Merge, Push notifications, Scheduled Tweets etc are undoubtedly far better than the poorly designed official Twitter app. Until and unless you try this app you will not able to understand its benefits. It is free to use the app.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

10. Peregrine

peregrine for windows 10

This fast, simple and free twitter client is one of the top 5 apps selected by AppStoreHQ. The simple interface fast starts up and a very smooth experience of scrolling make this app your perfect twitting companion. For these features, this app is very popular among the users and recommended by many.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

11. TweetCast

tweetcaster app for windows 10

TweetCast is an audio app for Twitter. The extraordinary feature of reading the tweets from your timeline out loud makes it your ultimate tweeting companion in your everyday busy schedule. This app is only available in paid version which cost around $0.99. But the unique service it provides absolutely worth the sum.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

12. Raven for Twitter

raven for twitter

Raven is designed beautifully and allows you to upload many images and to preview them. The app has a gorgeous look with automated learning user, hashtag, search, and list. This free twitter client can automatically update the timeline while you are busy using other apps.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

13. Cybercrow BETA

cybercrow beta for windows 10

This app is very light in nature and runs fast, hence allow you save more data. The image viewer is built-in and provides a highly effective service. Even with the slow internet, your Cybercrow will run perfectly. The good thing about this twitter application is that it is available for free.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

14. TweetTeen

tweeteen app for windows 10

TweetTeen is a free Twitter app which is specially designed for the Windows 10 which includes very clean and well-managed user interface that will eventually help you to keep track of all the things that are happening on Twitter.

Support: Windows 10 PC

15. Aristea

aristea app for windows 10

This app makes your twitter more enjoyable with timelines displayed in multiple columns. Though you need a twitter account to access this app. Aristea successfully supports multiple users and also you can see the timelines from multiple accounts at a time. You have to pay $5.99 for this app.

Support: Windows 10 PC | Mobile

16. Lucky Tweet

lucky tweet app for windows 10

Lucky Tweet is a lightweight Twitter client for Windows 10. Using this app, you can easily stay connected with your Twitter friend as well as share information with them. The good thing is that it is also available for free.

Support: Windows 10 PC

17. Twitter Trends

twitter trends for windows 10

Twitter Trends is another interesting Twitter client for Windows 10 PC and mobile. It helps in finding out what is trending on the Twitter. You get the trending information on Windows 10 live tiles as well as on the Lock screen.

You can select from 450 countries in the world for finding what is trending in that particular location. It is a free Twitter client worth trying.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

So these are some of the best Twitter apps for Windows 10 Mobile and PC’s which are popular among the huge collection of apps that are in the market right now. With the amount of the apps in the market, it is natural to get confused about what to use or not.

Obviously, it is impossible to try each of them, but you can start with few and choose the one that fulfills all your needs from this list and let me know the benefits you get from any of them.

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