70 Best Windows 10 Gadgets You Should Try

With Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced us to the desktop gadgets. Eventually, we started liking them, however with the launch of Windows 8 the gadgets were totally replaced by live tiles and claimed as insecure by Microsoft.

best windows 10 gadgets

The gadget fans really got disheartened by the incident but fortunately, with the latest build of Windows 10, gadgets came back with agreeable working efficiency. And with this build, the gadgets started working with its full effect.


Install Windows 7 Gadgets in Windows 10

Though it is not easy to install Windows 7 gadgets into your Windows 10 PC or Laptop directly, but you can install them via an additional software or utility.

To use the Windows 7 gadgets in Windows 10 follow the below simple steps:

1. Download the Desktop Gadget Installer using this link.

2. Run the installer, and continue following the instruction directed by the Installer.

3. After completing some simple steps in the setup wizard and closing it, right click on the desktop. From the context menu click on the Gadgets options.

desktop gadget for windows 10

This will launch the Gadgets items window. It will feature some gadgets which are as follow:

  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • CPU Meter
  • Currency
  • Feed headlines
  • Picture Puzzle
  • Slideshow
  • Weather

4. To install any of the above gadgets, make right click on the above-mentioned gadget and click on “Add” option from the context menu.

windows 10 gadget items

5. And in no second, the gadget will appear on the right side of the Windows 10 screen.

There are very limited number of Gadgets available in the item window, but you can grab more Windows 10 Gadgets for adding them or downloading more, you can visit the Desktop Windows 10 Gadgets Gallery by Gadgets Revive.

Tip: For using the third party Windows 10 gadgets, you just need to download and install the gadget from links provided below.

Features of the Desktop Gadgets Installer:

All the old features of the Gadgets will be revived along with-

  • Desktop Context Menu.
  • The show or hide command.
  • Varies size options for the icons.
  • Integration of the Gadgets menu with the Control Panel.
  • Integration with Windows search or any other third party search menu.

Best Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

There are innumerable gadgets available that you can enable in your Windows 10, PC or laptop.

In each category, there are more than 10 gadgets available. Certainly choosing the best fit for your Windows 10 and matching the standard is not an easy task.

That is why I bring you the top 10 gadgets from each category so that you can narrow down your choices, however as all the gadgets are free you can certainly try all of them out, gradually and keep those, which fit better.

Note: All the Windows 10 Gadgets mentioned in upcoming lines are safe to use.

Tip: To Install these apps, download and run the package. When package installer asks for the confirmation, click on the Install button and you’re done.

Best Tools and Utility Gadgets for Windows 10

1. Power Status

powerstatus gadget for windows 10

This is the simplest gadget ever which clearly states your recent power usage and remaining power. No complex design or disturbing pop-ups to inform you about you remaining juice, just a simple glance can let you know that if the battery is charging or not.

2. Sidebar Outlook Gadget

This Sidebar Outlook gadget is very useful for your desktop as it let you maintain your email properly. You can check your inbox, reply or forward emails and even delete them.

3. Parchment Notes

Use this notes to write anything important on your desktop, a message, shopping list, daily diaries etc. Parchment Notes will serve you well if you tend to forget important things quickly.

4. Bubble Breaker

This gadget will help you to alleviate your boredom as it offers you with the very addictive game. With the handy indicator, you will be able to keep track of your scores and also the gadget can be resized according to your choice.

5. CalcLaunch

calclaunch gadget for windows 10

Get a quick access to the calculator by this effective gadget whenever you want on your desktop. This mathematical gadget will help you to work smoothly, precisely and correctly.

6. Task Reminder

Do not miss any of your appointments, anniversaries, important dates, deadlines with this simple task reminder gadget. Go to the settings menu and set the date and time and name the event or add a note for display. Now relax and be sure that the gadget will remind you everything.

7. TechRadar

TechRadar is the website that gives you all the technology related information. This gadget is perfect for those tech junkies as whenever TechRadar publish any online article it will appear chronologically in the gadget.

8. Printer

With this easy to use printing gadget you just have to drag and drop the files and images you want to print and it will send them to your printer.

9. Connection Watcher

Through Connection Watcher checking the stability or strength of your internet connection is very easy. You can individually check the sites you want for internet connection strength.

10. Desktop Chess

desktop chess gadget for windows 10

No need to find another player to play your favorite chess as for the Windows users Desktop Chess will let them play with the computer as an opponent.

Best PC & System Gadgets for Windows 10

1. Desktop System control

system monitor gadget for windows 10

Install this useful Desktop System Control gadget for changing the display styles of your computer including font styles, icons, timer, buttons etc.

2. Disk Monitor

Through this desktop gadget, you can monitor the storage of your desktop anytime. Every secret regarding your drives, storage capacity will be revealed by the Disk Monitor with its simple look.

3. Skull Bin

Change your same old boring icon of recycle bin and avail this new stylish skull shaped bin that not only looks awesome but also has plenty of room to absorb all your desktop wastage.

4. Coloured CPU Meter

Get all the information of your CPU by this CPU Meter gadget that has features like changeable colors, options of resizing and it will also show you the current workload amount and the RAM usage of your CPU.

5. Virus Blue HDD

Virus Blue HDD gadget for windows 10

With Virus Blue HDD you will get to know about all the information regarding your storage capacity and the details of the storages of all the drives will be shown in fill-up bars.

6. System Monitor

Time, battery status, power usage, wireless info, CPU, RAM info, temperature and storage details all can be monitored through this System Monitor Gadget.

7. Black Hole

Through this alternative recycle bin gadget, all your big folders, and files will be sucked in temporarily or permanently.

8. Shutdown Reboot

With the simple shutdown and reboot option, your functions become easier to execute. If you are a busy person and want your desktop options to be simple enough to perform then this gadget is absolutely for you.


In case your computer has several cores then this CPU-VR gadget will display separately the processing load of the CPU efficiently. Controlling your computer becomes easier if you have the CPU processing load information handy all the time.

10. PC Control S.R.L.S

PC Control SRLS gadget for windows 10

The 4 simple buttons- Shutdown, Restart, Lock, and sleep, of this gadget, give you a one stop solution to your daily common tasks performed on your computer.

Best Calendar Gadgets for Windows 10

1. zCalendar

zCalendar gadget for windows 10

By adding reminders, agendas, and events in a detailed interface the zCalendar let you keep track on your everyday schedule.

2. Flame Calendar Gadget

This highly functional flaming hot calendar not only gives you a clear preview of the date, on a single look but also has an interesting design.

3. Blue Devil Party

Blue Devil Party is my personal favorite because of the all in one feature which includes a calendar, a hard disk space display, a CPU load monitor, and a shortcut of Recycle Bin.

4. Japanese Calendar

Inspired by the Japanese aesthetics this calendar will help you to switch views from months to years.

5. Radioactive Calendar

Radioactive Calendar gadget for windows 10

No doubt gaining access to the weekly and monthly view of agenda will become so much interesting with this simple and compact look of the Radioactive calendar.

6. Simple Date

It is very simple calendar with variety of customization options.

7. DeviantArt Calendar

Not everyone likes complex designs and arts in their gadgets, if you are one of them then this simple yet classy looking calendar gadget will serve you well.

8. Aero X Purple Clock and Calendar

With this gadget installed on your desktop, you do not need to add any clock gadget as Aero offers you both clock and calendar at the same time.

9. Brown Calendar and Clock

Brown is a timeless color and this power combo gadget with a calendar and clock gives you all the means to install it on your desktop.

10. The Beatles calendar

The Beatles Calendar gadget for windows 10

If you are a Beatles fan then no need to look further for any calendar gadget as the Beatles Calendar is uniquely designed keeping in mind your fandom and requirements.

Best Clock Gadgets for Windows 10

1. Dark Digital Clock

Dark Digital Clock widget for windows 10

This gadget is simple yet effective. With this Dark Digital Clock, you will get a precise display of time on your desktop.

2. Digi-Watch

Digi-watch tells the time without any complexity as the big red colored fonts let you see it clear at one glance.

3. Glycine Airman

With its easy-to-read virtual watch face and the feature of adding specific time zone, the virtual watch gadget from the Airman line of Glycine wristwatches is perfect for travelers.

4. MCG clock

Whether to display time in 12 hours or 24 hours, you can choose any of them by this MCG Clock with adorable pet image icons. 6 different animal displays are available to choose from with a cartoon dog image to complete the pack.

5. Font Clock

font clock widget for windows 10

Give your desktop a precise time telling gadget with the impactful and cohesive look with this classic black-colored watch by Danish Skagen.

6. Kit-Cat Clock

Set different time zones and name them separately for your convenience with this fully functional mesmerizing Kit-Cat Clock gadget with a black cat clock icon.

7. SWATCH Evensun

Add specific time zones and easy-to-remember names with this solar aesthetic design of the virtual SWATCH Evensun watch gadget.

8. Gear Drive Clock

This eye catchy analog clock from the Gear Drive Clock gadget will force you to keep track on the time all the day long.

9. Rolex Turn-o-Graph

If you are the fan of Rolex timeless watches then maybe owning a virtual Rolex chronometer gadget will be your dreams come true.

10. Virus Blue Digital Clock

Virus Blue Digital Clock widget for windows 10

With precise time telling the black and blue combination of this Virus Blue Digital clock will certainly evoke a sense of uniqueness and boldness to your desktop.

Best Music & TV Gadgets for Windows 10

1. Computer Status

computer status gadget for windows 10

Knowing the storage status, working ability, the status of the recycle bin, etc will be very easy through this gadget. This gadget is very crucial in order to know the status of your computer. Computer status works as a one-stop information provider of all the details of your computer.

2. Youtube Search

Like your Youtube app installed on your phone, you can install the Youtube Search gadget to surf all the Youtube videos from your desktop. It will save your time and let you enjoy your videos from the desktop.

3. Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer analyzes the power and sound of your music that is currently playing in the PC and displays spectrum accordingly.

4. Aoo! Player

With this music player gadget, you can easily select any of the songs from your desktop that you have purchased or you can change the skin of this gadget and make it look according to your choice.

5. Q106.8 Country Radio

Q106.8 Country Radio gadget for windows 10

Connect this gadget to the internet and listen to the country songs from the radio channel in just a few clicks. If you are a country song fanatic then this gadget is especially for you.

6. Windows Media player

This gadget is really helpful to maintain your current playlist and change tracks or adjust the volume when the song is playing in the background in the player.

7. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is very easy to use and performs like  your own personal radio where you just have to put the name of the artist and it will start creating a song list for you.

8. iTunes Gadget

With it’s lightweight and easy to use interface you can listen to your all favorite music, albums and playlists in the more reliable way.

9. NPR Player

All the award-winning programs from NPR will be in a single gadget and you can access any of them anytime. Also, you will get access to the program stream, hourly newscast, and your local member station.

10. Omnimo Spectrum

Omnimo Spectrum gadget for windows 10

This simple audio spectrum analyzer with ten different color skins will add life to your music. You can easily change the update interval rate and decay rate in its settings menu.

Best Weather Gadgets for Windows 10

1. VX Astro W7

VX Astro W7 gadget for windows 10

With the installation of this gadget, you can get a quick informative view of the current constellations so that you can educate your little ones on the star systems.

2. Rain Alarm

With Rain Alarm, predicting the rainfall is easier and convenient. This gadget will give you a brief overview of the present day rainfall status and also to the upcoming days.

3. Solar Monitor

Solar Monitor, a simple gadget yet powerful which will help you in monitoring the everyday sun, its temperature, radiation level with live images and what not. Try it out for more fun.

4. YR-Weather

With YR-Weather Windows gadget you just need to provide the information of your country and it will give you all the current weather news very efficiently and clearly.

5. Weather Eye

weather eye gadget for windows 10

You just have to set the location and the weather details will be provided by this gadget. You can change the color of the gadget according to your choice.

6. Black Glass

Correct and detailed weather report will be delivered straight to your desktop with the help of this gadget effortlessly.

7. Virus Blue Weather

The black and blue combination of the gadget and the temperature displayed in big fonts with the icon of the sun or rain give you a clear understanding of the current weather at one glance.

8. TWC Weather

The TWC Weather gadget gives you the weather forecast for the present day and coming two days so that you can plan trips according to the forecasted weather.

9. Sunlight World Map

This interesting gadget will let you keep track in the sunlight. You will get to know all the details about the sunlight and its activity, i.e.; which places are under darkness and which places are facing light every day.

10. Weather Monitor

weather monitor gadget for windows 10

Complete monitoring information of your current weather will be provided by this gadget. Just set the place and the rest work will be done by this simple yet effective gadget.

Best Search Gadgets for Windows 10

1. Search All

search all gadget for windows 10

With Search All, you can easily search your queries by placing the gadget anywhere on the desktop without opening your browser.

2. Google Search bar

Google Searchbar gives you the leverage of performing a search without going to the main page of the Google. This gadget will save your time and let you search anywhere on your desktop.

3. Simple Search Bar

As the name suggests this search gadget is very easy to use. Just go to the settings and set the search engine from the available choices including, Google, Yahoo, Live Search etc and you are all set to perform your intended search.

4. All in touch

With All in touch gadget you can place all the sites you want including facebook, twitter, Youtube, Google etc on the desktop. And by just one click on the icons will take you to their sites.

5. Amazon Search

amazon search gadget for windows 10

Now you will not miss out any deals with this Amazon Search gadget. Accessing offers, deals, and coupons on the biggest online shopping site from your desktop is just a click away.

6. Wikipedia Search

With this Wikipedia Search gadget searching Wikipedia for relevant articles becomes easier. You do not need to search the web for Wikipedia articles now all Wikipedia results will come in one place.

7. Mini Searcher

When you add the search term, in this gadget it will pick the best result from all the search engines and display you the best one into your default browser.

8. eBay Search

Without visiting the site you can access all the dresses, accessories, gadgets, furniture etc with best deals and offers through this gadget anytime on your desktop.

9. MSN search

No need to open your browser and visit the MSN website. Just install this cute looking gadget and search all the recent news and information you want from MSN.

10. Bing Search

bing search gadget for windows 10

This gadget will give you easy, precise and effortless search result from Bing without visiting the main page.

Why don’t you try these Windows 10 Gadget and let me know the one you like. You can also suggest some other desktop gadgets which I forget to mention in the post.

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