20 Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the best version of Windows released by Microsoft with lots of new features. One best feature out of them is a Windows Store that let you download and install apps and games on your Windows 10 desktop, tablets as well as on Windows 10 mobiles.

best youtube apps for windows 10

YouTube is one of the most popular videos sharing service and you obviously want to use it on your Windows 10 devices. Unfortunately, the official YouTube app is not developed by Google for Windows 10 as of now.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t access YouTube on your Windows 10 device. Just like other platforms, the software developers has developed many YouTube apps alternative for Windows 10. The good thing about these apps is that all provides you more features than the official apps available on other platforms.

Did I forget to tell you that some of the apps you’re going to check in this article also let you download YouTube videos to Windows 10 desktops with just one click?

Best YouTube Video Players and Downloaders Apps for Windows 10

In this article, you will read about some of the best YouTube app alternatives for Windows 10. So without further why don’t you start reading the first one.

1. Tubecast for YouTube

Tubecast for YouTube

Tubecast for YouTube is a powerful tool that allows you to do a wide range of things starting from normal streaming to video downloading – you can even pause and resume the download anytime you want. It even supports 360-degree videos from the YouTube. All in all, this is almost a complete package.

2. Hyper for YouTube

hyper for youtube

Hyper for YouTube also streams videos and lets you download them. It helps you make your own playlists and save them and watch them whenever you feel like. The app is very professionally built with a clean design. You can download the videos either in MP3 or MP4. Lastly, this app is free to download so don’t keep waiting – download it real fast.

3. myTube

mytube app for youtube

myTube! is a paid app but it’s worth every penny you spend on it. This app allows all the basic things that the free ones are providing plus it even lets you read the comments section by simply fading the video playback. It even just lets you play the audio from any YouTube video while you work on other apps – now you don’t really need a converter to listen to your music.

Enjoy this app at the price of $0.99

4. Perfect Tube

perfect tube app for windows 10

Perfect Tube is a simple yet powerful app. It lets you stream the videos, upload your own ones, switch video quality from 240p to FullHD and the list is endless. Perfect Tube is also one of the free apps in this list, so you can surely give it a try.

5. Tubify

tubify app for windows 10

Tubify is still in the development phase but it’s still not free. You’ll have to pay $1.49 for this app, but you can download the beta version for free trial. This app has a resolution that adapts to any screen resolution and that’s how that company claims you’ll get a better video experience.

6. Free Instant YouTube Downloader

Free Instant Youtube Downloader

Free Instant Youtube Downloader is a simple tool that lets you download the video as well as the audio of any YouTube video. You can even choose to download the video in various formats and play them offline whenever you feel like.

7. Video Player for YouTube

video player for youtube for windows 10

Free Instant Youtube Downloader is a Russian app and it gives you a glimpse of videos from your subscribed channels, lets you comment on videos and some other basic features. This app is completely free to download.

8. Butler for YouTube

butler for youtube

Butler for YouTube is another simple app in our list; it doesn’t do a lot of things like other ones mentioned here. It just helps you download the videos and stream them. The developers call it “Pretty. Chic. Quick. Easy” and of course, it’s free to download too.

9. Awesome Tube

awesome tube app for youtube

Developers of Awesome Tube call it the “BEST youtube application client ever in the windows store!”. We are not sure about the best thing, but it’s far better than most of the paid ones too. It lets you do almost anything – comments, subscribe, upload, download, search, edit, delete anything. It even lets you save videos for later viewing. This is completely free to download too! So give it a try.

10. Downloader Videos and Music

downloader video and music

Downloader Videos and Music is a free yet powerful app that lets you select videos depending on various genres. It even lets you download the MP3 version of any YouTube video. The video can be downloaded in formats starting from 720p to 360p.

11. Downloader and Converter for YouTube

converter for youtube

Downloader for YouTube. Free Converter to MP3 as the name suggests, is an app that helps you in downloading the audio version of any YouTube video, it further lets you convert the audio to various formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, WMA etc. You can even download normal videos from this app too. So for those who are more into getting the audio, this is a really good app and it costs nothing at all.

12. YTube for youTube

ytube for YouTube for windows 10

yTube for youTube is a very neat app with some add on features like Pin to start. This app is very neat in design too and it’s absolutely free to download.

13. TubeGet for YouTube

tubeget for youtube

TubeGet for YouTube is a perfectly built app with not a lot to show off. The designers have kept the colors very soothing and catchy, giving it a professional look. This not only improves on graphics but also makes the app very light to use.

14. Tuby

tuby app for windows 10

Tuby is a paid app and costs around $1.99, but it’s surely one of the best in the list. It helps you sort your videos on the basis of an order or even categories. The user-interface is nice too. Tuby was previously known as “Your Tube 8 Pro” and was quite a hit.

15. Converter for YouTube

Converter for YouTube by Flvto

Converter for YouTube, just like the converter app we mentioned earlier, helps you download the videos and the audios from the YouTube with an ease. The audio can be downloaded not just in the MP3 format, there is a wide of range formats in which you can download the audio. It’s also free to download and has been quite popular among the YouTubers.

Some other YouTube apps worth trying:

  1. Client for YouTube
  2. Prime Tube
  3. Video Tube – Best YouTube Client
  4. One Tube Downloader
  5. YourTube Box

Now it’s your turn to let me know which YouTube apps you find worthy.

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