How to Block Websites on Edge Browser in Windows 10

Want to block Websites on Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10? Actually, it’s possible and in this tutorial, you will read a way that let you make that thing happen.

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

Yes, I’m Windows Insider and my default browser in Windows 10 is Edge browser. My primary goal is to test all the new features which Microsoft development team is adding to its new operating system and provide a solution to the problem which users face while using Windows 10.

In today’s article, I’m going to share the solution to a problem which is very popular and you can find lots of users discussing it on high authority Windows forums as well as Microsoft Answers.

The Problem is:

How to Block Website on Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 10?


How to Block Pornography | Porn on Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 10?

Yes, there are lots of users who’re currently using Edge browser as the default browser in Windows 10 and want to restrict or block a website to get over the addiction of using porn sites as well  as popular social networking websites like Facebook and YouTube.

In other modern browsers like Chrome, and Firefox. You can easily block your any website using extensions or add-ons. No doubt Edge browser also supports extensions but has limited numbers of extensions available which you can use on it. So there is no chance at the moment to block site using extensions on Edge browser.

Even lots of Windows 10 Insiders have provided a feedback to include this feature as a part of Edge browser and maybe they add it in future.

How to Block Websites on Edge Browser in Windows 10 using Hosts File

So the question is how to restrict websites on Edge browser? The only solution at the moment is to use host file and block the sites which you want to access.

Here is how to do it:

1. First of all, you need to navigate to following location C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

2. Under Drivers folder, you will find a file named as hosts. You need to copy and paste it on the desktop

3. Now you need to provide permissions to this Host file. For that:

Right click on the file, click on Properties -> Switch to Security Tab -> Under Permissions for System, click on the Advance button -> Under Permission Tab, select Add -> Click Select Principle -> Under Enter the subject name to, whatever you want to. It’s recommended to add your Windows username.

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

Under Basic permissions check the box right to full control and click OK, then Apply, OK and then again Click OK

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

4. After that, right click on the hosts file you copied to the desktop and Open with Notepad or any other text editor.

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

5. Here you need to enter the following link to at the bottom of the file:

To block Facebook:

To block YouTube

Note: You can enter as many sites which you want to block.

6. Once done Save and Close the file.

7. Now again copy the file and paste it to the same location mentioned in step one C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

When you try to paste, you will get a notification that Destination already has the file named Hosts. You need to click on Replace the file in the destination.

That’s it!

Now relaunch your Edge browser and try to launch Facebook and YouTube and you will notice that both the sites are not opening.

how to block websites on edge browser in windows 10

Note: This method also blocks the sites on other browsers on your computer.

For articles on Microsoft Edge browser, visit Microsoft Edge Browser Section

At the moment, this is the only way to block websites on Edge browser. Why don’t you give a try to this method and let us know if you have any query? Also, if you know any other methods to block sites in Edge share with us in the comments.


    • Viney Dhiman

      Do one thing
      1. Copy the Hosts file to desktop
      2. Search for Notepad in Windows 10 start menu search bar
      3. Run the notepad as Administrator
      4. In Notepad, click on File -> Open and open the host file which you saved on the desktop.
      5. Make the changes you want to add in the host file
      6. Save and close the file.
      7. And again copy the host file from desktop and paste it to the original location i.e. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

      I hope this work for you 😀 Let me know the result

  1. Jeremy

    Thank for posting these instructions! I’m not super technically savvy, and I was able to follow for the most part. I’ve successfully blocked youtube, facebook and instagram. But I’ve been unsuccessful with twitter and some others. Any ideas?

  2. Sucott

    Great for blocking sites to the *whole* computer. Ie ALL user profiles.
    I however want to block to only one user profile.
    InternetExplorer had a security zone called Restricted into which I could place the url – essentially rendered it useless.
    This is now gone with this ‘improved’ browser. So much for better.

    • Viney Dhiman

      Thanks for sharing your valuable comment. Unfortunately, this is the only way to block sites. Regarding Edge browser, there is no setting in the browser for doing same.

      I can expect that in future, MS will definitely add this functionality to Edge browser.

      Have a nice day.

  3. juandos

    OK – good stuff! thanks for posting the method…

    one question though, how does get the IP addresses of sites (can be found in the history) that try to hijack the browser with endless dialog boxes that insist your system is infected or that you need update your adobe software and so on and so forth…

    I can’t use your editing of the host file without those IP addresses, right?

    • Viney Dhiman

      One of the easiest way to find the IP address of the website is by using CMD. Launch the CMD, and type “ping” without quote and hit enter. Look for the line Ping Statistics for “XXX. XXX. X. XX”

    • Viney Dhiman

      Thanks for contacting.
      Are you following the instructions just like mentioned in the tutorial? If you made any changes in the step, you will not get any success.

      Try once again, and if you still fail to do, let me know again

  4. Jen

    I tried this and it didn’t work. It got stuck at the part of adding the string. I tried the same “winrax” but that didn’t work either. I tried random things like my name or my boyfriend’s name to name the string. I did everything else in the instructions.

  5. Is it possible to add the blocked site back at some point? How would I do so? I would like to block YouTube on my son’s computer for now, but would like to add it back again at some point. Is this possible after I follow the above directions for blocking? Thanks

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