How to Change Microsoft Edge Download Files Location in Windows 10

Changing Microsoft Edge download files location in Windows 10 without registry hack is possible now. In this tutorial, you will check how to do it.

how to change microsoft edge download files location

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10, which is faster in comparison to other popular browsers in many areas, but still it lacks lots of customization options and settings. Those who have been using the edge browser as the primary browser and those who have just started using the edge browser will definitely know that there is no option to change Microsoft Edge download file location. You all know that the file downloaded using the edge browser is directly saved into Download folders. In order to change the download file location in Edge browser, one needs to manually edit the Registry.

There is good new for the users who have been looking for official settings to change default download folder of Edge browser in Windows 10. Microsoft has announced Windows 10 Anniversary update with lots of new features and settings which include Windows 10 dark mode, new and improved extension supports, as well as settings to change Microsoft Edge browser download file location.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be rolled out later this year, but if you’ve enrolled to get Windows 10 Insider Preview, then you can get access to all the features and settings using insider build 14316.

If you want to change the default download file location in Edge. Just follow the steps in upcoming lines

How to Change Microsoft Edge Download Files Location in Windows 10

1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.

2. After that click on More icon (…) and from the list click on Settings to open Settings panel.

how to change microsoft edge download files location

3. Scroll down until you find “View advance settings” option. Click to open.

how to change microsoft edge download files location

4. Under Downloads section, you need to click on the Change button, and then choose a folder where you want to save the downloaded files.

how to change microsoft edge download files location

That’s it!

You can also check out video uploaded by me on WinranX Official YouTube Channel:

Tip: Under Advance settings of Edge, you will also see an option that let you stop the Edge browser asking to choose a folder each time when you download a file. You can turn off the option labeled as Ask me what to do with each download to automatically save the downloaded file into the folder you defined in the edge browser.

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Why don’t you give a try to this guide and let me know if you need any assistance. Also, if the drive where you have installed the Windows 10 filling up quickly, you can easily move download folder to another drive to clean up some space in the drive.

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