How to Create Windows 10 ISO from ESD Files

In today’s article, you will read step by step tutorial on how to create Windows 10 ISO from ESD file. So, if you’re looking for a way to convert Windows ESD file into ISO image, then don’t miss to check this article.

How to Create Windows 10 ISO from ESD Files

ESD stands for Electronic Software Distribution. Microsoft is now using ESD format to provide all the required installation files to install and upgrade to latest version of Windows via Windows Updates like upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 to Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Even all the latest build of Windows 10 or its insider preview are available in ESD format.

Whenever you update your current Windows operating system or upgrade to the latest version, the Windows Update download and keep all the necessary Windows installation files on C:\$Windows.~BT folder. The vital Windows operating system files are stored in file dubbed as Install.esd inside the Source folder, which is about 2 or 3 GB in size. ESD files is the required encrypted or decrypted and highly compressed file format of normal compressed WIM (Windows Imaging) file format which is mainly included in a Windows ISO image.

One of the most important benefits of using ESD file is that it’s highly secure and is very smaller in size in comparison to WIM file, which makes it faster to download and install. Although, it’s encrypted and new, it’s a type of file which is not supported by tools that let you create bootable USB of Windows 10 to install Windows 10 from USB flash drive.

The worst part is that the Microsoft normally doesn’t provide bootable ISO images of each version or build of Windows released. Due to this reason, we need to convert the Windows ESD files to ISO image, either using the Install.esd file download via Windows Update or the ESD file manually downloaded from Windows’s server.

Convert Windows 10 ESD Files to ISO Image

In this tutorial, you will read steps on how to convert a Windows ESD file to ISO using a free tool called ESD Decrypter. The tools support all the latest version of Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Note: In this tutorial, we will create Windows 10 ISO from ESD file. (Windows 10 Insider build 14322)

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Administrator privileges are required to run the script
  • Disable Antivirus or Security program temporarily, so it doesn’t interfere with the process.
  • Make sure the Windows ESD file is not blocked or read-only.
  • Extract this pack to a folder with a simple path to avoid troubles (example: C:\ESD).

Warning: One can easily convert ESD file to ISO file, if steps are followed exactly as mentioned in the guide. If due to this  reason something wrong happen, WinranX will not be responsible of any thing wrong.

Basically you can use this tool in four different ways to Create bootable Windows 10 ISO from ESD which are:

  1. Copy/Move ESD file into the same folder besides the script, then open the script
  2. Drag & drop ESD file on decrypt.cmd
  3. Directly open decrypt.cmd and you will be prompted to enter the ESD file path
  4. Open Command Prompt in the current directory, and Execute the command.

In this tutorial, we will go with the first method which is very easy to follow. In case you want to try other methods, you can follow the instructions method in the notepad file include in the tool folder.

Steps to Create Windows 10 ISO from ESD File

1. Grab the ESD File. There are two ways:

First of all, you need to download ESD Decrypter using this link

2. After that create a new folder on a drive with minimum space of 8-10GB and extract the ESD Decrypter into this folder.

3. Now move the Windows 10 EDS files into the folder, where you extracted the ESD Decrypter.

How to Create Windows 10 ISO from ESD Files

Note: Make sure, ESD Decrypter and Windows 10 ESD files must be in the same folder if you expect good results.

4. As both the ESD Decrypter and Windows 10 ESD files are in the same folder. You need to make right-click on the file named as Decrypt and Select Run as administrator. When UAC prompt, Click Yes to continue.

How to Create Windows 10 ISO from ESD Files

5. Now you will see, blue command prompt screen with five different options which are:

How to Create Windows 10 ISO from ESD Files

  • Create full ISO with standard install.wim: This will convert ESD file into a normal ISO distribution that includes standard install.wim file.
  • Create full ISO with compressed install.esd: Convert ESD file into ISO image with a compressed install.esd file
  • Create standard install.wim: Convert ESD to WIM
  • Create compressed install.esd: It will create a compressed install.esd file which can be used just like install.wim
  • ESD file info: Let you view the decrypted ESD file info or decrypt the ESD file.

From the options choose the one according to your need. As we want to create Windows 10 ISO file from the selected ESD file. just type “1” using the keyboard. In case you want to create a small size ISO image, you can press “2” to create full ISO with compressed install.esd.

Note: By default backup is turned off, you can press “9” to create a backup of your ESD file.

6. The software will start converting Windows 10 ESD file into ISO image. It might take 20-25 minute depending on the size of the ESD file.

How to Create Windows 10 ISO from ESD Files

Once the conversion process is completed, you will see the Windows 10 ISO file in the same folder where you placed the both Windows 10 ESD file and ESD Decrypter files.

How to Create Windows 10 ISO from ESD Files

So you have got the ISO image of Windows 10 build, now you can create bootable USB drive of Windows 10 using the method discussed in our previous tutorial about how to create bootable USB Drive of Windows 10.

This is how you can create Windows 10 ISO from ESD file. Why don’t you give a try to this guide and if you face any issue, let us know in the comments.

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