How to Close And Delete Your Microsoft Account Permanently

We all know that Microsoft offers a variety of products and services right? You can access services like Bing search engine without a Microsoft account, but if you want to access other products like OneDrive, Office Online, recently launched Microsoft To-Do, then you require a Microsoft account.

how to delete microsoft account

Most of the users with primary webmail service as Gmail only create Microsoft account just to use products and services offered by Microsoft. Over a time, when these users stop using Microsoft products or services, they want to delete or close Microsoft account permanently.

If you’re reading this post, then you definitely looking for a way to close or delete Microsoft account. Right? You’re at a right place and this step by step tutorial will guide you how to do that.

But before you start learning about how to delete microsoft account, I recommend you to not to close your Microsoft account. Want to know why? It is free and there is no strings attached to it. Also in future, maybe you want to try any of the Microsoft service, In this situation you need to create another account to use the same service. Frankly speaking there is no solid reason to delete Microsoft account unless you already have alternate Microsoft acount.

Once you permanently delete your Microsoft account, it will delete all your emails, account balances, attachments and other useful data which you have stored in your Microsoft OneDrive account. Did I forget to tell that you will also lose your contacts.

Still you want to delete your Microsoft account permanently, then you must backup all your useful data from OneDrive which includes emails, attachments, contacts and related stuff.

Disclaimer: The steps which you’re going to follow in upcoming lines will permanently delete your Microsoft account and you will lose all the data associated with it.

According to Microsoft, when you delete or close your Microsoft account, the company does not delete it from Microsoft servers. The Microsoft wait for 60 days before permanenlty deleting your microsoft account. What that means is that you have 60 days to reactivate your closed Microsoft account by providing security information.

Close and Delete Microsoft Account Permanently

1. First of all you need to visit this Microsoft webpage and log into your Microsoft account which you want to close and delete permanently.

microsoft account login webpage



2. Once you’re logged into your Microsoft account, you will see the following messages which reads “Make sure [email protected] or [email protected] is ready to close”. Simply click on the Next button at the bottom to continue.

delete microsoft account

3. On the next page, you will see following heading “Mark [email protected]​ for closure”.  Here on this page you will find various check boxes. You need to check all of them, if you really want to delete your account. I recommend you to read all of them before checking these check boxes.

how to close microsoft account

Below this, there will be a drop down using which you need to tell the Microsoft why you’re closing your account. Select the reason that matches your reason. Click on the button which reads “Mark account for closure”

how to close microsoft account permnanently

4. Your account will be logged out automatically. On the next, you will see the message which reads

[email protected] will be closed on 7/15/2017

You can cancel the closure and reopen your account by signing back in within 60 days.

To reopen, you’ll need to be able to prove you’re you using your current account security info.

delete microsoft account

5. Click on the done button and your account will be permanently deleted from Microsoft servers on the date mentioned on the page.

That’s it

Reopen Microsoft account

In case, you have changed your mind within 60 days and want your Microsoft account back. You can also reopen Microsoft account. For that, you need visit this Microsoft webpage login using the same credential. You will see the following screen

how to reopen microsoft account

Click on the “Continue – I want to reopen my account” and your account will be restored in few seconds with following message

Your account is now reopened
This account is no longer marked for closure, and everything should be as you left it. Welcome back!

That’s it. I hope you find this tutorial useful.

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