How to Disable Action Center Notifications in Windows 10

If you get disturbed by notification of Windows 10 Action Center, then using the method mentioned in the post you can easily learn about how to disable Action Center Notification in Windows 10.

How to Disable Action Center Notifications in Windows 10

Action Center is a newly introduced feature of Windows 10 OS. It shows you system notifications, desktop apps as well as of Universal apps notifications. When Action Center have a new notification for you, it shows you banner above the Windows 10 taskbar. If you miss checking the notification, then it lined up right in the Windows 10 Action Center which you can see just by clicking on the Action Center icon available at the right corner of the taskbar.

There are lots of users who’re not a great fan of checking the Action Center notifications and want to get rid of these irritating notification. If you’re one out of them and want to disable them? Actually, it is possible and you can disable Action Center Notifications using the options available in the Windows 10 settings app.

Disable Action Center Notifications in Windows 10

The good thing is that you can select if you want to disable notification globally or for some particular apps. Here is what you need to do:

1. Launch the Settings app. For that, press WIN + I hotkeys.

2. Click on the System -> Notifications & actions.

How to Disable Action Center Notifications in Windows 10

3. On the right pane, under “Notifications” disable the option which reads “Get notifications from apps and other senders:

This will disable all the action center notification. From now onward you won’t see any notification.

In case, you don’t want to disable the notification globally and want to receive notifications from some of your frequently used apps, then here is what you need to:

1. Launch the Settings app. For that, press WIN + I hotkeys.

2. Click on the System -> Notifications & actions.

get notifications from senders

3. On the right pane, scroll down until you see the section which read “Get notifications from these senders.

4. Under it, you will find a list of the apps. Simply click on the app of your choice and configure it. For example Microsoft Edge.

microsoft edge notifications

5. Under Microsoft Edge notification settings page you need to disable the option which reads “Show notifications in action center

Just like Microsoft Edge, you can disable Action Center notifications for any app of your choice.

A thing to keep in mind: 

After disabling the Action Center notification globally in Windows 10 all the options under “Get notifications from these senders” will gray out and you won’t be able to configure further. This is expected behavior and you need not worry about.

To disable notification for the particular application you need to first enable Action Center notification globally and then you can make changes.

That’s it.

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