Download BlueStacks For Windows 10 PC

Want to run Android apps on your Windows 10 PC? Officially it is not possible and you can take the help of Bluestacks app player to make that thing happen.

Run Android apps on Windows 10 with BlueStacks

Out of Google Play Store, Windows Store, Apple App Store, and BlackBerry World, Google play store has the highest number of apps which users can install on their Android phones.

There are lots of popular Android apps and games which are not available on Windows store, the official app store for Windows 10 operating system. Due to this reason, Windows 10 PC users regularly look for different ways to run Android apps on Windows 10 PC.

Run Android apps on Windows 10 with BlueStacks

There are lots of programs available over the web that let you run Android games and apps on a Windows 10 PC. One of the most popular out of them is BlueStacks app player that makes the process of running Android apps on Windows 10 PC easier.

What is BlueStacks App Player?

BlueStacks is one of the largest and free Android emulators for Windows and Mac OS. The BlueStacks App player is entirely designed to run Android apps on PCs running Windows OS (Windows 10) accompanied with MacOS. According to the developers, 160+ million users are playing and live streaming games and apps with the help of BlueStacks App Player.

With the help of BlueStacks App Player for Windows 10, you can run over 1.5 million Android games accompanied with over 500000 Flash/HTML5 games on your PC running Windows 10 OS.

One of the best things about BlueStacks App player is that all the popular games and apps run smoothly and flawlessly on Windows OS, especially on Windows 10. You will barely find out any crashes or other issues while running Android games and apps on Windows 10 PC using this Android Emulator.

The BlueStacks App Player comes with preinstalled BlueStacks TV that let you share your gameplay live on Facebook Live or Twitch.

Downloading and Installing BlueStacks App Player on Windows 10

If you’re new to BlueStacks app player, then here is what you need to download, install and use BlueStacks app player on Windows 10 PC.

1. Download BlueStacks App Player. For that, you need to head over to this page of BlueStacks. The download size of the setup file is about 330 MB.

extract bluestack package

2. Run the Setup file and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Welcome Screen

bluestack player welcome screen

Select Data Location

select data location for installing bluestack player

Bluestacks Apps

bluestacks apps

Bluestacks Installations

bluestacks player installation

Download .Net Framework 3.5

install dotnet framework 3.5

Note: BlueStacks app player require .NET Framework 3.5. So if it is not already installed on your Windows 10 PC. During the installation, the screen will appear asking you to download and install .NET Framework 3.5. Select the option which reads “Download and install this feature

You can also check my previously written detailed tutorial on How to Install Dot NET Framework 3.5 Offline in Windows 10

bluestacks installation completed

3. Once the installation is completed. Click on the BlueStacks App Player icon to launch the Android emulator. BlueStacks accounts window will appear here you need to sign in using your Google account. In case, you don’t have any, then create one.

bluestacks account login screen

Also when you’re asked to login to Google play store use the same email.

4. Now the installer will start setting up BlueStacks App Player for your Windows 10 PC. First of all, you will see the welcome screen, here you need to select you preferred language. Click on next arrow.

welcome screen

Follow the steps guided by the installer. It will take few minutes so show some patience.

5. After installation is completed. You will see the following homescreen:

bluestacks installer homescreen

6. To install Android apps on your Windows 10 PC, click on the Play Store icon available on the home screen, and it will take your to Google Play Store.

7. Simply search the Android app which you want to install on your Windows 10 PC. To install the app you need to click on the Install button available on the app page of the play store.

install app from google play store

Following the same procedure, you can install almost all the popular Android apps on Windows 10 PC which are not available on Windows store.

As I have told you earlier, all the apps running smoothly and flawlessly on my Windows 10 PC using Bluestacks App Player. In case, you’re not much delighted from the default screen settings, then you can also alter the changes. To make that thing happen, you need to:

Click the Settings icon -> Preferences.

change screen resolution of bluestacks app

Under the General tab, on the right pane use the Resolution drop-down to choose a different resolution.

Also, while playing the games if you noticed that games are not smoothly, then you can allocate extra RAM as well as CPU resources to BlueStacks. Here is what you need to do:

Click the Settings icon -> Preferences.

change ram and cpu of bluestacks app player

Under the System tab, on the right pane move the RAM and CPU slider to increase or decrease the RAM and CPU resources. You can also use other options according to your requirements.

That’s it. So this is how you can download and install Android apps on Windows 10 PC!

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