Download Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool to Protect Windows 10

If you want to ensure protection against Ransomware on Windows 10 computer or laptop? Keep yourself on the safe side by using Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware tool.

download Kaspersky anti-ransomware tool for windows 10

If we talk about malware’s, then Ransomware is one of the dangerous form of the malware that exist on the web right now. It restricts you from accessing your files or data by encrypting them and put your data on the hold for ransom until you pay the money attackers demanded from you. Most they ask for bitcoins. The worst part is that there is no guarantee that you will get your data back (decryption key) even if you pay the ransom money attackers demanded from you and this would definitely give a heart attack to the victim.

Currently, most of the victims of Ransomware attack exist from the United States. According to a report provided by Microsoft few month ago, around 300,000 systems were affected by Ransomware in the United States alone.

How Ransomware Enter your System?

Ransomware enters your system in the form of a Javascript or a small VBScript which when runs, perform all the background work as well as download the main malware into the system which in return perform all the encrypting work, from the server address formerly created by the ransomware attackers.

Alternatively, your system might come in contact of ransomware by visiting the compromised or malicious website which that hosts an exploit kit or may be from tech support scams available on the internet.

According to the report by MMPC, Cerber is an example of infamous ransomware which is on the list of top detected ransomware or malware.

How to Protect your System from Ransomware Attack?

No doubt all these things you read above about Ransomware are breathtaking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your system from ransomware or any type of malware. There is a special protection Anti-Ransomware tool for Windows released by Kaspersky Labs that ensure protection against Ransomware.

What is Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business (ARTB)?

It’s is an Anti-Ransomware tool that automatically block any form of malware to enter your system and adds it to the list blocked apps. In case, the malware had already changed the system configuration unwantedly or modified or created the file or you can say encrypted your data before it was recognized by ARTB, then this tool will rollback the complete action taken by the malware.

Also, the file which is encrypted by this malicious app will be kept in a special storage, which can be easily reclaimed by the Kaspersky Labs specialists.

How to Download and Install Kaspersky Anti- Ransomware Tool on Windows 10

1. Visit this link:

2. Complete the registration process by filling your personal details in the form.

3. Once registration is done, you will be redirected to the page with a link to download the free copy of Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware too.

Click on the link to download the Setup file of the Anti-Ransomware tool.

4. Once you got the setup file, run the file and complete the installation process by following the instruction.

When UAC Pop-up appears, click Yes to Continue the installation process.

How to Use or Manage Anti-Ransomware Tool on Windows 10

Once this protection tool detects any Ransomware or malware activity, it will block that application and add it to the list of blocked applications.

Kaspersky anti-ransomware tool for windows 10

In case, you find that your trusted application is blocked by this tool, then you can use of Unblock or Make trusted button which you can find under “Manage Applications” option.

Settings window of the Anti-Malware tool will look something like this:

Kaspersky anti-ransomware tool for windows 10

Under Settings you will see System Tracing options which are listed below:

  • All Events – Save apps operation error
  • Only Errors – Save report of important security event suspicious activity and detection of malicious activity
  • Important Events – Save the report of important and minor events
  • Recommended – Create full report of all the event used for app diagnostic

You can find logs of all the traced files at following location: “%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Kaspersky Lab\AntiRansom\logs”

Under Settings, you will also see Enable Self Defense checkbox, which is checked by default. Now due to this feature ARTB will prevent deletion or modification or apps, registry entries, and memory processes.

In case, you want to receive all the monthly or weekly reports via email, then you can also configure the Proxy Server settings as well as the Mail (SMTP) settings.

The one of the main this about Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool is that it use different methods for detecting threats. ARTB by Kaspersky is currently using six filter drivers to ensure the protection of system effectively.

Note: You can’t install Kaspersky anti-malware tool on the system where you have already installed Kaspersky application. Specifically Internet Security for Windows 10 and Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

I hope you will find Kaspersky Anti-Malware tool for Business helpful. Share your thoughts about this useful tool in the comments.

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