Download LastPass Extension for Edge Browser

After Microsoft Office Online Extension, the LastPass extension is also available for Edge browser and increased the count of available extension for edge browser.

download lastpass extension for edge browser

When Microsoft made the announcement about the first three extensions for Edge browser. They also announced that soon other extensions like Amazon, Evernote, AdBlock, LastPass, and Adblock Plus will soon join the family of extensions.

The last month two ads blocker extension AdBlock and AdBlock Plus appear on the Windows Store and not LastPass, well know password manager extension is also available on the Windows Store.

LastPass is developed by the organization is the extension for the Web password management. It’s already available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, as well as Internet Explore. It also takes care of automatically fill login form. The passwords are encrypted in a local file, before being loaded onto the company’s servers and synchronized with the other browsers.

To download and install LastPass Extension on the Edge browser, you must be running Windows 10 Anniversary Update Version 1607. Check out this article to Download and Install Windows 10 Anniversary Update

To get the extension:

  1. Visit the extensions page of Microsoft
  2. Look for LastPass Extension and click on Open in Store button and it will take you to Windows Store.

Alternatively, you can directly click on the following link Download to launch the extension in Windows Store: LastPass Extension for Edge Browser

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