Download Opera Neon Standalone Offline Installer for Windows 10

Opera, one of the most popular web browser company launched a new next generation browser named as Opera “Neon”. Here in this article, you will find an¬†offline installer to download Opera Neon.

Download Opera Neon Standalone Offline Installer for Windows


Opera Neon is a stylish, modern and pronounced as concept browser by the company. The browser is built on the same Opera browsing engine and acquire its core features. One of the primary features of this browser is its streamlined user interface.

It features a minimal and clean User Interface without any clutter. It opens the web pages quickly but offers you fewer options to customize. Those users who’re looking for a browser with minimalism and simplicity. The browser itself looks like an application which is primarily designed for consumption device or devices with touch screen input.

You might be wondering why the web need a new web browser? Then here is the official video get the answer to this question:

Currently, the Opera Neon is under development and company will keep adding the new functionalities and features to the browser in next couple of days.

Opera Neon official download page offers you an online installer which downloads the browser. This online installer always downloads the latest version of Neon browser available. This is really a good solution to have the latest version, but it needs an active internet connection and uses your bandwidth on every computer where you try to install it.

In this situation, it is not a good idea to use Opera Neon online installer.

Offline installer is a good idea to deal with this situation. Just download the offline installer once and install it everywhere. The offline installer is really useful especially for those users who’re using limited or expensive internet plan.

Sadly, the company has not released the Opera Neon official standalone offline installer. It has all the required setup files and does not require any internet connection when you try to install it on your computer.

Currently, the Opera Neon is only available for Windows and Mac OS. The company currently have no plans to release the Linux version

As you’re checked this article upto this line means that you also want to install Opera Neon on your computer, but not with the online installer. So here is the direct link to download Opera Neon offline installer for Windows and Mac OS.

Download Opera Neon Standalone Offline Installer for Windows

Download Opera Neon Standalone Offline Installer for Mac

Why don’t you give a try to this new concept browser from Opera software and let me know what you think about Opera Neon in the comments?

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