Download Windows Refresh Tool to Clean Install Windows 10

Can’t wait to download Windows Refresh Tool for Windows 10? The wait is over guys, the tool is available for download.

A few days ago, Microsoft announced that they are working on a tool that simplifies the clean installation of Windows 10. The good news is that Windows Refresh Tool is hosted on Microsoft website and users can download it right now, even the tool is not ready yet.

download windows refresh tool

Windows Refresh Tool is the name of the tool and is not exactly what people were expecting. With the help of this tool users can perform a fresh or clean install of the Windows 10 operating system. The application will download and install the latest version or build of the Windows 10 available for fast ring insiders and remove all the apps which you installed on your computer.

What You’ll Require:

  • Internet Connection to download the tool and Windows Image.
  • The minimum size of the Windows image is around 3GB so your internet fee may apply.
  • Sufficient data storage available on your computer
  • To use this tool you need to be on Windows 10 Insider Build Home and Pro Edition. (32-bit or 64-bit processor (CPU))
  • Refresh Tool is available for Windows Insider and will work on the computer running the latest build 14342 or above. Also it will not work on November Update (build 10586)

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • It will remove all your preinstalled application or applications which you installed on your PC
  • There is no guarantee that you will get the latest build all the time and maybe install the build which is older than your current build.
  • After clean installing the Windows 10 using Refresh tool you can go settings and choose Insider preview ring to receive the future builds.
  • There is no option provided by the tool to recover all the app removed during the clean installation. Include OEM drivers and support app.
  • In case you find missing drivers you can go to Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update to download and install the latest drivers. You can also visit manufacture website to get the latest drivers.
  • This tool may fail to provide your digital content associated with apps, digital licenses, and other digital entitlements. So avoid this tool on the computers on which you don’t want to risk your digital licenses and application entitlements.
  • Currently its supports three different languages English, Chinese, and Japnese.

In the Windows Refresh Tool, there is an option that let you choose whether you want to keep your data during the refresh process,or you want to clean or fresh environment in the end.

Microsoft also clears the reason why decided to release the Windows Refresh Tool. The aim is to help those people who find it difficult to perform a clean installation of Windows 10. The Windows Refresh Tool is available under Settings app for the users running the latest build of Windows 10 i.e. Build 14367.

If you want to try this tool, and to clean installation the of Windows 10 Anniversary Update Insider Preview. Follow the steps in upcoming lines:

How to use the new Windows Refresh Tool to clean install Windows 10

1. If you’re using the latest build of Windows 10 Anniversary Update (build 14367), then you can find this tool under Settings App -> Update and security -> Recovery -> On the right side, at the bottom of the page click on link labelled as Learn how to start afresh with a clean installation of Windows 10.

windows refresh tool in windows setting apps

Alternatively, you can use the following link to download the Windows Refresh Tool.

2. Check and Accept the tool license terms. If you decline the license, the tool will exit automatically.

3. In this Window, choose what you want to keep on your computer. If you want to start from the fresh and don’t want to keep anything choose Nothing or you can select Keep Personal files only option.

clean install keep files windows 10

On the basis of what you selected, the tool will perform a clean installation of Windows 10.

Note: During the installation process the default application which comes with Windows 10 will not be deleted.

4. After click on the Install button to start the clean installation process. The rest process is automatic and you don’t need to anything.

At any point, you think you don’t want to continue, click on cancel before it reboot.

That’s it! Don’t forget to share with us what you think about Windows Refresh Tool.

Source | Microsoft Answers

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