Download Winranx Collection of Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen Wallpapers

If you’re the great fan of Windows 10 lock screen pictures and want to download the complete collection so that you can set them as your desktop background? The good news is that you will find all the Windows Spotlight lock screen images in this article. You just need to do is to select the one which you want to download.

Download winranx Collection of Windows Lock Screen Wallpaper

Windows 10 is full of interesting features and one out of them is Windows Spotlight. The motive of this adding this feature into the operating system is to keep the Windows 10 lock screen fresh and unique with some beautiful pictures of your choice. Just like you use Windows 10 themes for keeping the desktop fresh.

Windows Spotlight is similar to Bing pictures of the day. It provides you two options Yes and No. The role of these two options is to know what kind of pictures users want to see in the Windows 10 lock screen. Suppose if you click Yes on picture related to nature, then it will show you more images related to nature.

The Windows Spotlight feature is enabled by default, if not. You can enable it by launching Settings App -> Personalization -> Lock Screen (Left Panel) -> Under Background (Click on Dropdown) -> Select Windows Spotlight

That’s it! Now you will start seeing beautiful images on the lock screen of Windows 10.

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t provide the option or setting in Windows 10 using which you can save these Windows 10 lock screen photos to your hard disk, but with the help of easy workaround, you can grab the Windows Spotlight lock screen images which appear on your computer or laptop.

To check the workaround follow our this article on how to find location & Save Windows Spotlight Images in windows 10. In case, you only want to save a particular Windows Spotlight image, then check out this trick to Find Exact File Name of Current Windows Spotlight Image in windows 10

Alternatively, you can download Spotbright application from the Windows Store to do the same thing.

But both the above methods only helps you to download the Lock screen images that are currently available on the computer. Now what that mean is that, in case you perform a clean installation of Windows 10. You will lose all the previous images.

To overcome this situation I decided to gather all the Windows 10 Spotlight lock screen pictures in a single folder (named as WinranX Collection of Windows 10 Spotlight Wallpapers) which I saved from each Windows 10 Insider build throughout the journey. It is around 200 plus pictures with a dimension of 1920 x 1080. which is perfect to set them as desktop background in any computer

Download Winranx Collections of 200+ Windows 10 Lock Screen Pictures and Wallpapers

The good thing about all these Windows 10 lock screen pictures is that all of them are high quality and can be used to set as desktop background in any computer or laptop. So without further delay why don’t you check all of them:

To download all the Windows Lock Screen Pictures at once, you need to click on the following link:

Download 200+ Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen Wallpapers

Alternatively, You can also check same Album on Google Plus, Facebook, and Flickr if you only want to download specific wallpapers

Facebook: Winranx Collection of Windows Lock Screen Wallpapers on Facebook

Google Plus: Winranx Collection of Windows Lock Screen Wallpapers on Google Plus

Flickr: Winranx Collection of Windows Lock Screen Wallpapers on Flickr



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