How to Earn Rewards by Using Microsoft Edge Browser (Microsoft Reward Program)

If you’re Windows 10 user and belongs to the United States then you have got the chance to earn rewards by using Microsoft Edge browser. Interested to know how? Keep reading.

Start Earning Using Microsoft Edge Browser via Microsoft Reward Points

Microsoft Edge is the default browser in the Windows 10. The operating system was released by the company one year ago, but users are still not using Edge browser for surfing the web. So the company has decided to pay users for using the Edge browser.

Microsoft Rewards is rebranding of Bing Rewards which is announced on Wednesday. Under this reward program points will be provided to the users for using Bing, Edge browser and for shopping at the Microsoft store. The program is only available for the users in the United States.

The points which you will earn using Microsoft Rewards program can be traded in the form of:

  • Starbucks and Amazon vouchers
  • Skype credits
  • The ad-free version of the

But there is a check: You need to set Bing as default search engine in Edge browser to earn Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards will work just like Bing Rewards. In case, you’re already using Bing Rewards, then your account, as well as Bing Reward credits, will automatically be upgraded to Microsoft Rewards in upcoming weeks. You do not need to do anything special.

One Bing Reward credit will be equal to 10 Microsoft Rewards point. In case, your account has 100 Bing rewards credits, then you will have 1000 Microsoft Reward point.

Microsoft Reward program has two members tier. Level One and Level Two

Level Two tier member can earn more in comparison of Level One and can save upto 10 percent rewards from Microsoft brands. Level two members will also get exclusive offers

How to Start Earning with Microsoft Edge

1. Sign into your Windows 10 Device with the same Microsoft account using which you activated your Microsoft Reward membership.

2. Launch Edge browser and Set Bing as default Search Engine in it.

By default, Bing is the default search engine. In case, you have changed your default search engine, then you can follow these steps to switch back Bing:

Click on More action (…) -> Settings -> View Advance Settings -> Under Search in the address bar with, click on Change Search Engine button -> Select Bing -> Click on Set as default.

3. Now start browser the web using Edge browser. You can earn points for every one hour of active browsing. You can earn Microsoft rewards for 30 hours of active browsing in a month.

Active Browsing in Edge Browser

 what is active browser in edge browser in windows 10

How to Start Earning with Purchases from Microsoft and Windows Stores

1. Before making a purchase, you must be signed in with the same Microsoft account using which you have activated your Microsoft Reward membership.

2. Now head over to Windows Store or at the Microsoft Store and purchase whatever you want.

For the purchase of every $1, you can earn upto 1 Microsoft reward point.

To find out how many Microsoft Reward points you have earned in a month, you need to navigate to the Microsoft Rewards Dashboard

Why don’t you give a try to Microsoft Reward Program and let us know what you think about it? Also, don’t forget to tell how much Reward Points you earned under this program.


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