How to Enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 (Windows Goodbye)

If you want to protect your Windows 10 PC from unwanted use when you’re away from the PC? Enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 and you’re all set.

How to enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Dynamic Lock a.k.a Windows Goodbye is one of the latest security features of Windows 10. It is going to be the part of Windows 10 Creator Update version 1706. The purpose of this feature is to lock your computer automatically when you’re not active or leave the workplace. This feature is very useful, especially when you’re very concerned about your PC security.

Enable Dynamic Lock Feature in Windows 10 using Settings app


Here is how you can enable this security feature:

1. Launch the Settings app. For that, you need to press WIN + I hotkeys.

2. Click on the Account -> Sign-in options.

dynamic lock in windows 10

3. On the right pane, look for Dynamic Lock. You will find it above Windows Hello option.

4. You just need to enable this feature and you’re all set.

That’s it.

From now onward, when you’re not active on your PC or away for around 10-15 minute the windows will automatically lock the device. In case, other users have an account on your PC still, there is no need to worry about. The other user will able to sign-in right from the Windows 10 lock screen, but your data still remain locked.

How Dynamic Lock Feature Work?

As of writing this article,  there is no idea about how this Dynamic Lock feature will work, as this feature is still not documented. What I figure out after analyzing the feature is, that when Dynamic Lock feature is enabled and you’re not active on your PC or leave the workplace for 10 to 15 minute, then Windows will lock your device.

Enable Dynamic Lock Feature in Windows 10 using Registry Editor

Alternatively, you can enable the Dynamic lock feature using the registry editor. For that, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Launch Registry Editor.

For that, you need to press WIN + R hotkeys. It will launch the RUN dialog box. In the space provided type regedit and click OK to launch the Registry Editor.

When UAC screen appears, Click Yes to continue.

windows 10 run dialog box

Alternatively, you can type regedit in the Start menu search bar. When regedit command appears in the search result. Click to launch it.

launch regedit using start menu searchbar

2.  Navigate to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Tip: You can type the above address in the Registry editor address bar and hit enter to jump to this key quickly

3. Here, you need to create or alter the 32-bit DWORD value and name it “EnableGoodbye” and set its value data to 1. This will enable the Windows 10 Dynamic Lock feature.

How to enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 using registry editor

At any point, if you want to disable the Dynamic Lock feature. Simple set the Value Data of “EnableGoodbye” to 0 or delete the parameter.

The Dynamic Lock feature is very useful for the Windows 10 Enterprise editions users who normally contain highly sensitive data on their PC’s.

I have done my part. Now it’s your turn to give a try to Dynamic Lock feature in Windows 10 and share your thoughts about what you think about this security feature in the comments.

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