How to Enable Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10

If you’re the proud owner of Windows 10 computer or laptop with a wired internet connection, you sometimes may want to share that with other devices. Actually, it’s possible, you can enable mobile hotspot in Windows 10 to turn your desktop into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

enable mobile hotspot in windows 10

Microsoft announced its biggest Anniversary update to Windows 10 a few days ago and due for later this summer. The good thing about this update is, that it will add some exciting features and settings in Windows 10 like:

You can read about all the upcoming features of Windows 10 Anniversary update in detail at the press release blog post.

With this anniversary update of Windows 10, the software giant also added an ability into the operating system that lets you share your internet from a Windows 10 desktop to devices around you over Wi-Fi. This can be done just by turning on Mobile Hotspot.

Windows 10 is not the Windows operating system to get this functionality as it is a part of Windows for a long time. Windows 7 was the first version to have such ability, but to enable this functionality in Windows 7 you need to execute some commands to start a wireless hosted network.

How to Enable Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10

But after installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you would be able to enable mobile hotspot in Windows 10 right from the Settings app. In case, you’re running build 14316 or above of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, then you can access Mobile hotspot feature right now.

Here is what you need to do to enable Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot

1. Launch the Settings App

2. After that, from the different settings, you need to click on Network & Internet.

enable mobile hotspot in windows 10

3. Under settings, select Mobile Hotspot on the left panel. On the right panel under Mobile Hotspot option turn on “Share your Internet with other devices switches” which is turned off by default.

enable mobile hotspot in windows 10

Note: When the mobile hotspot is turned ON, you won’t be able to Wi-Fi or VPN

You will also find settings that let you choose which network connection you want to share. Just like hotspot feature in the mobile device, you can also configure name and password. At a time, you can only connect 8 devices using this functionality, which is not bad.

enable mobile hotspot in windows 10

Tip: The interesting thing about mobile hotspot feature in Windows 10 is that it provides you settings labeled as Turn on Remotely that provide other devices ability to turn on the mobile hotspot remotely. This functionality works over Bluetooth and devices need to be paired with your Windows PC.

Why don’t you check out YouTube video created by me:

So this is how you can enable mobile hotspot in Windows 10. Why don’t you take advantage of this another useful feature? Try out and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments.


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