How To Find Location & Save Windows Spotlight Images in windows 10

If you really like Windows Spotlight images which appear on the Windows 10 lock screen and now you want to save them so that you can set them as desktop background.

find location and save windows spotlight images of Windows 10

Windows Spotlight is the new features of Windows 10 Lock Screen, that shows you some of the attractive and pleasing images which Windows download from the internet or Bing Gallery. You can manage this behavior of the Lock Screen in the Setting App. When you enable this feature, you will be asked to add your vote for Lock Screen pictures so that you can tell Microsoft what type of images you want to see in Lock Screen. For example, if you voted for images of nature, then from the next time you will see more and more picture of nature on your Lock Screen.

There are images that appear on the Windows 10 Lock Screen which you really like and want to set it at least for a week. Unfortunately, these images automatically change when the windows spotlight picture is sent out. In case, you want to save these Spotlight images so that you can set it as my permanent lock screen picture? Actually, it’s possible

Actually, it’s possible because all these Windows Spotlight images are stored as cached on your PC and hidden in a particular folder with some awful name ’85fhs7dabi8840aa449f9v849fvvv9…’ inside the Windows installation folder. In this tutorial, I will share with you a workaround using which you can find the location and even save it wherever you want to save.

Save Windows Spotlight Lockscreen Images in Windows 10

This is what you need to do:

1. Launch Run Dialog Prompt and for that, you need to hold down Windows and R Key  [Win + R]

save windows spotlight lockscreen images in windows 10

2. Enter the following command and Click OK. The easiest way is to copy and paste:


save windows spotlight lockscreen images in windows 10

3. This will open a folder in File Explorer with Unidentified file names.

4. Copy and paste all the files in a folder to New folder. For example This PC -> Pictures -> Spotlight Images as a permanent location. You can also create this folder under OneDrive.

Note: You will see warning while copying these file from the folder. Simply hit OK.

5. You need to change the extension of all the files with JPG extensions. You can do this one by one or at once using a batch command. For changing the extension of all the file at once. You need to:

save windows spotlight lockscreen images in windows 10

You need to hold the Shift key + Right-click with your mouse in the same directory where you copied all the files from unidentified folder and type (copy and paste) following command in command prompt

Ren *.* *.jpg

save windows spotlight lockscreen images in windows 10

This will change the extension of all the files to JPG at once.

Note: Some of the files in this folder are Cached junk and not the actual Spotlight lock screen images.

save windows spotlight lockscreen images in windows 10

6. Not all the images in this folder are Spotlight images so filter and clean up and keep the Spotlight images and delete rest of the files.

save windows spotlight lockscreen images in windows 10

Note: You will see some vertical images in the folder. You can create a new folder for those images and use them as smartphone lock screen or start screen.

save windows spotlight lockscreen images in windows 10

That’s it!

In case, you only want to save a particular Windows Spotlight image, then check out this trick to Find Exact File Name of Current Windows Spotlight Image in windows 10

We have already created a post in which you can find all the Windows 10 Lock Screen wallpapers of Anniversary update. To download them check the following article:

Download Winranx Collection of Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen Wallpapers

Alternatively, you can use a freeware application called SpotBright that helps you to download all the picture of Windows Spotlight Lock Screen in few minutes in high resolution. So users who don’t want to perform a manual method to grab the Windows Spotlight images can try this application.

spotbright- application to download windows spotlight images

Now you can use these images just like any other image to set them as desktop wallpaper or background. Did you already know this trick? What you think about Windows 10 Spotlight picture in the comments.

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