Fix: Windows 10 Build 15046 update error 0x80070228

Through regular Windows 10 updates, the company delivers their customer improved security fixes and patches for most common bugs in the system. In addition, Windows 10 development team tried to add more new settings and features which are eagerly awaited by the users.

Fix Windows 10 Build 15046 update error 0x80070228

Today company released the latest Windows 10 Creators update build 15046 for PC in the fast ring. The update can be easily downloaded via navigating to Settings app -> Update & security -> Windows Update.

Lots of users have already upgraded to the latest build, but there are a wide group of users reporting about error 0x80070228 while trying to download the latest Windows 10 new build.

The issue is already noticed by the company and even the thread is also created by Jason[MS] on Microsoft Answers to help users who’re facing the same error. You can also check the Microsoft Answer Thread.

In case, your install hang while trying to install build 15046, then check the workaround to fix Install Hang on Windows 10 Build 15046

Official Fix: Windows 10 Build 15046 update error 0x80070228

After inspecting the issue deeply, the team has found that following are the two issues due to which users who trying to download build 15046 viewing the same error code. You can check both of them with a workaround to resolve the PC Build 15046: Error 0x80070228 during download in not time.

1. Install Fails Due to Anti-Virus Client

Most of the users who have installed Symantec or Norton anti-virus program on their Windows 10 PC viewing 0x80070228 update error when trying to download and install this build. So it is suggested to uninstall or disable the antivirus. For more details, you can refer to this forum post.

2. Using Additional Language Pack unblock it.

As mentioned in the forum post, the another reason because of which users failed to download and install the 15046 update is because they’re using one or additional language pack. So to get the build you need to follow the steps below to uninstall additional language pack. Don’t worry you will able to get it back later.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Launch the Settings app. For that, Press WIN + I hotkeys.

2. Click on the Time & Language -> Region & Language.

3. On the right side, make a right click and remove any additional languages other than the one of your current system language.

4. Close the Settings app.

5. Now bring the RUN dialog box. For that, Press WIN + R hotkeys.

6. Paste the following:  Lpksetup /u

7. Another window will be open.

8. Here you need to make a right click and remove any additional languages other than the one of your current system language.

9. Restart your Windows 10 PC.

10. Try to Re-scan for latest updates.

Some other workarounds which you can try if above two methods fail to fix the issue.

Run Windows 10 Troubleshooter

Windows 10 Troubleshooter is one of the best and easy ways to deal with Windows 10 update error. It normally fixes almost all the issues related to Windows Update in Windows 10.

You can learn more about How to Run Windows Update Troubleshooter in Windows 10

Remove Old Windows Installation

Sometimes users reported on the web that they fixed most of the Windows update issues by removing the Old Windows Installation which consumes around 40-60 GBs of their C Drive space in which the system will install the latest build.

You can learn more about How to Delete Old Windows Installation Folder from Windows 10

Remove $WINDOWS.~BT Folder

In the case of the previous builds lots of users mentioned that most of the Windows 10 Update error also be fixed by removing the hidden “$WINDOWS.~BT” folder which is located in the C Drive or in the drive in which you had selected to install the Windows.

To delete this folder:

Open Windows installation drive. In most of the cases it is C:

By default “$WINDOWS.~BT” folder is hidden. Simply switch to view tab in the File explorer and check the boxes next to the name “File name extensions” and “Hidden Items”

Now the folder will start appearing in the drive. Simply delete it, reboot your PC and again try to download the latest update.

Sufficient Space in the Drive for downloading the Build

Make sure to check, if your drive in which the system will download the latest build have sufficient space.

Make Change in Windows Insider Settings

Launch the Settings app -> Windows & update -> Windows Insider.

On the left pane, Under “What pace you want to get a new builds” use the drop down and switch to the Slow ring and check for the update under Windows update tab and again switch back to Fast ring the and see if it works.

Install the Update via ISO Image of the Build

The last thing you can do is install the update via ISO image of the build. Currently, there is no official ISO image of Windows 10 build 15046 available. I will try to update the link to download the .esd or iso image file for build 15046.

Twitter user WZor uploaded ESD images of the Windows 10 build 15046. You can check them out here and download the one according to your current os.

Now convert the ESD to ISO using by downloading ESD Decrypter for Windows 10 build 15046. You can check the detailed guide on How to Create Windows 10 ISO from ESD File.

Some other quick fixes:

  • Scan your PC with Windows Defender or 3rd party antimalware software
  • Check your internet connection and switch off VPN
  • Check the Proxy status
  • Check system files integrity with SFC tool
  • Set correct Date & Time and log in as Admin
  • Restart Windows Update services
  • Start system in Clean Boot
  • Turn off your Firewall
  • Use third-party partitioning tool to change partition size
  • Reset Store cache
  • Boot in a Safe Mode with Networking and try again

If all the workarounds fail to fix the update error, then the only thing I would like to tell you is to wait for the official fix which will definitely release the Microsoft.

Why don’t you try these fixes and let me know if anything helps you to fix the Windows 10 Build 15046 update error 0x80070228


  1. John

    You say : “Officially there is answer available on the thread about why users seeing this error and how it can be fixed. So I decided to write this post featuring some workarounds that should resolve the PC Build 15046”,
    So if there is a fix now available (which btw is incorrect at the time of your post) why do we need your SUGGESTIONS which aren’t known to work? Also the picture is wrong.

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