How to Remove or Delete Older Versions of Device Drivers in Windows 10

If you want to delete the older version of the device driver in Windows 10? This article will teach you step by step guide on how to do that.

how to delete old device drivers in windows 10

When the latest version of device drivers are available for the operating system, the windows automatically install the latest one and keep the backup of the older device driver. In case, the latest device drivers are not working fine and something goes wrong. You can take advantage of this backup to rollback to an older version of drivers.

But keep in mind that the backup of older versions of device drivers is somewhere on the C drive or on the drive where you have installed the Windows, which also confirms that it also filling your disk drive space for very little advantage.

In case, after installing latest device drivers, if your system is working fine, and you do not require to rollback the device drivers, then you can reclaim lots of space in your hard disk by clearing unused driver packages.


After clearing the old device driver package from the system, you won’t be able to rollback to old device drivers. So follow this guide only, if you’re sure you do not need a device drivers rollback.

How to Delete Old Device Drivers in Windows 10

1. Type Run in the Windows 10 Starts menu to launch Run dialog box. You can also use Win + R keyboard shortcut to quickly launch it.

How to Remove old driver versions in Windows 10

2. In the Run dialog box, type cleanmgr and hit enter.

3. Disk Cleanup: Drive Selection pop-up will appear. Here you need to select system drive and click on the OK button. In most of the case, it is C:

How to delete old driver versions in Windows 10

Note: System drive is the drive where you have installed the Windows operating system.

4. Next, disk cleanup window will appear, that will start calculating how much space can be cleaned in the C:

5. Once done, Disc cleanup window will appear with the information about which file is consuming how much space with little idea about how much space you can gain.

6. Under “files to delete“, you need to find out file name “Device Driver Packages file” and check it.

How to delete old driver versions in Windows 10

7. Click on the OK button and it will clear the Device Driver Packages from the system drive and free up some useful space.

If you can’t see Device Drive Package item in the list, you can click on Clean up system file button to get the extended mode of the disc cleanup tool. Now again check for the item and it is guaranteed that this time, you will definitely see the item.

How to Remove old driver versions in Windows 10

Note: In my case, it is showing 0MB  because I have performed the clean installation of Windows 10 before writing this guide.

But in most of the cases, it can size around 50 MB to 200MB or even more.

The process is very similar to our previous guide on how to delete Windows.old folder from Windows 10. But this guide helps in removing the Windows.old folder or Windows old installation files to free up some GBs from the system drive.

That’s it! You have successfully removed the old device drivers from Windows 10 and reclaimed some useful space on your hard drive.


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