How to Disable Flash Player in Edge Browser in Windows 10

Want to speed up your Microsoft Edge browser? You can do that just by disabling the Flash for Microsoft Edge. If you don’t know how to do that, keep reading this post to know about it in detail.

disable flash in microsoft edge

Flash is counted as one of the most insecure add-ons available for any modern web browser available for Windows 10 and due to this reason, many of the popular products are not disabling Flash support by default.

Flash is dying slowly on the web due to increasing incompatibility, security issues, sticky bugs, and the improving abilities of open web norms. Just like other popular products, Microsoft Edge is also taking the action in the future Windows 10 Creators Update by automatically preventing Flash content.

According to Microsoft, the websites that support HTML 5 will also support clean HTML 5 experience by default.

For the website, that depends on Flash alone, you will rather view a dialog box ask you to select whether you want to run the Flash content or not. Till the Windows 10 Creators Update is officially released by Microsoft, you can still head over to Microsoft Edge settings to enable and disable Flash manually.

How to disable Flash in Edge for Windows 10

Chances are very high that you won’t even noticed that Flash is disabled and this is because most of the popular websites are already migrated to HTML5. In case, you notice that you can not able to load your favorite destination, then you still have the option to turn it back on right from Edge settings.

Here is how you can do that:

1. Launch Microsoft Edge browser.

2.  Click on (…) More action icon -> Settings.

more action settings in edge browser in windows 10

3. Here under “Advanced settings“, click on the button which reads “View advanced settings

view advanced settings in edge browser

4. Look for the option “Use Adobe Flash Player” and turn it off.

use adobe flash player setting in edge browser

That’s it.

Let us know, you want to disable Flash in Edge browser or want to keep it enabled. Let me know in the comment.


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