How to Skip/Disable Login Screen in Windows 10

Want to get rid of the Windows 10 login screen when booting? Actually, it is possible and in today article, you will check the detailed guide on how to do that.

how to disable login screen in windows 10

Whenever you boot into Windows 10, then you need to enter the Microsoft account details to login into the PC. No doubt it is a useful security feature of Windows 10 operating system which blocks the access of unknown people into your personal computer, especially when you’re at the office or workplace.

But sometimes this feature turn into a bad or irritating feature when it asks you to enter login password, again and again, every time your screen get locked.

Due to this reason, there are lots of users, who use non-shared PC’s and Laptops, especially Home Personal PC and Laptop wants to get rid of Windows 10 login screen.

Skipping the login screen in Windows 10 is not simple as deleting the password, but it can be done. To get rid of this extra step, you need to dig into the User Account settings.

How to Disable or Automatically Login Screen in Windows 10

In case, you really want to skip or disable Login Screen in Windows 10, then follow the steps as mentioned in upcoming lines.

1. Use the WIN + R keyboard shortcut keys to launch the Run dialog box.

Alternatively, you can search RUN dialog box using the Start menu search bar or by visiting following location Start > All apps > Windows System > Run

2. In the RUN dialog box, you need to type “netplwiz” and hit enter.

how to bypass windows 10 login screen

For quick access, you can directly type netplwiz in the Start menu search bar and from the result run the netplwiz command.

This will launch the User Account window. Here in this window, under User for this computer, you need to choose the username and uncheck the option which reads Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer

how to automatically sign into windows 10

Once done, click on the Apply button.

4. Now a new dialog box with the name Automatically Sign in will appear asking you to enter the password twice with already filled PC username field.

how to bypass windows 10 login screen

Type the password twice and click on the OK button.

That’s it!

By doing this you can easily skip or bypass the Windows 10 Login screen when your boot into your computer or laptop.

Keep in the mind that above steps will not help in skipping the login page when you unlock your PC. For doing that, you need to navigate to following location Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options. Here on the left pane, Under Require Sign-in” use the dropdown and change When PC wakes up from sleep to Never.

how to skip login screen in windows 10

By doing this, Windows will not ask you to log in to your PC awake from sleep.

Restart your computer to see the changes.

Why don’t you give a try to this tutorial and let me know if you need any assistance related to the tutorial?

Editor’s Recommendation: In case, you want to take a screenshot of Windows 10 login screen? Click on the link mentioned.

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