How to Fix Network Problems in Windows 10 (One Click Reset)

Looking for the easiest way to fix network problems in Windows 10? Actually, it is possible and with just one click you can solve all your network problems.

From the day Windows 10 was first available for use, the number of users started complaining about different types of network problems and issues. The worst thing is that there was no official tool or fix released by the company to solve network problems.

But in the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 version 1607, the company included an amazing feature that helps you to see your network status. Also, if user facing any network issue, then there is a troubleshooter and reset button which users can use to completely reset the network with just one click.

How to Fix Network Problems in Windows 10 (One Click Reset)

You can find this feature under Settings app by navigating to Settings-> Network & Internet -> Status. This is a brand new page in the Anniversary Update of Windows 10. Here you can see the status of the present network connection.

If you have solid and stable internet connection, then this status dialog box will provide you information about the network. While, if there is some problem, then it will grant access to two network tools that can fix any common issues related to system internet network.

fix network issues in windows 10

The first one is the Network Troubleshooter button, that launches the utility named as Network Diagnostics. The troubleshooter will run a little test to fix all the common problems and issues related to the network.

You may love to read tutorial on how to run Windows 10 troubleshooters to resolve issues related to wireless network accompanied with other network adapters

If the Network Troubleshooter fails to resolve the issues, then you can take help of another solution. At the bottom of the Network Settings page, there is Network Reset button. Simply click on this button and on another page you will see Reset Now button and your PC will be restarted

This will remove and reinstall all the network adapters. Also, it will set all the networking components to their default settings.

Note: If you’re using any third party network software or VPN software, then you need to reinstall them again.

That’s it!

I hope you will find this tip will help you in fixing all the network problems and issues in Windows 10. Let us know in the comments, if you find it help.

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