How to Fix Surface Pro 3 Battery life Issue Officially

If you’re the proud owner of Surface Pro 3 looking for a way to fix its battery life issues? In this article, you will find out an official way to do that.

How to Fix Surface Pro 3 Battery life Issue Officially

A number of Surface Pro 3 users find out that battery is not able to hold the charge, and it seems like that capacity of the battery is diminished. Even the Surface Pro 3 is fine with power plugged it, but when you disconnect it, the battery will run out instantly.

After investigating the issue, Microsoft finds out that the battery depletion issue was happening due to the firmware of Surface Pro 3. To helps users, they released a firmware update with a Surface Pro 3 Battery FAQ clarifying the issue and suggesting what users need to do.

Before you start updating the Surface Pro 3 make sure:

  • Your device is plugged into AC Power supply using AC power adapter.
  • During the update, don’t use the Surface Docking Station
  • If you have connected any USB devices or external monitors, disconnect them.
  • Your device must have minium of 40% or above charge. You can check this by hovering over the battery icon in the taskbar.

How to Get the Update and Fix Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue

1. On Windows 10, click on Start button -> Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update.

2. Click on “Check for updates”

3. Here you will see the System Firmware Update – 29/8/2016.

4. Download and Install this Update. Once done, click on Restart now button.

Note: Do not shut down

5. After your Surface Pro 3 restart, you will see a black screen with a Surface logo and message that system firmware is applied. This update can take several minutes to complete. So stay clam.

Note: Do not disconnect AC power from the Surface Pro 3 while system firmware update is being applied

6. Once the update is applied, your device will succesfully boot into Windows. At this point, you need to do restart your surface again for the new battery logic to take effect.

It is also mentioned in the note resolution section of update page, that once the update is succesfully applied to surface device the battery issue will be automatically fixed over the several charge and discharge cycles. So don’t expect instant result.

That’s it!

Let us know whether this update fix your Surface pro 3 battery issue?


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