How to Get Windows 8 Start Menu in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows released by the Microsoft. It is running on more than 400 million devices. It featuring brand new User Interface accompanied with cool new features.

Lots of users have already upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and 8/8.1. After using it for months majority of the users decided to stick with it, while there were users who switch back to the old versions giving a variety of reasons.

Windows 10 is featuring almost all the features which an ideal operating system must have including the most anticipating Start menu which was missing in the Windows 8 and due to heavy demand of the user’s added back into Windows 8.1. This was a very clever move by the company and earned lots of fan of Windows 8.1 start menu.

By not repeating the mistake, the company added Start menu in the Windows 10 but with completed refined design. And frankly speaking it looks perfect with the overall design.

But I don’t know why there are users who want Windows 8 Start menu in Windows 10.

If you’re reading this article that means you’re one out of them who badly want to change the style of your Windows 10 Start menu similar to the one available in Windows 8/8.1.

How To Get Windows 8 Start Menu In Windows 10

In this post, I have decided to share with you a workaround which changes the Windows 10 Start menu to the one looks like in Windows 8/8.1.

Note: The following workaround will not bring the Start Menu of Windows 8/8.1 but still you can enjoy the experience.

This can be done by enabling the Tablet mode in Windows 10. You can enable Tablet mode right from the action center just by making a single tap or click. Here is what you need to do

1. Click on the Action Center button available at the bottom-left side of system screen.

2. Now you will see different quick action buttons. Here you need to click on the click or tap on the Tablet mode button.

enable tablet mode in windows 10 using action center

In no seconds, Desktop mode will instantly switch to Tablet mode.

To turn off the Tablet mode, repeat the same procedure.

This is all you have to do to get the same start menu like the windows 8 while using windows 10.

After Enabling Tablet mode the Start menu will look like:

tablet mode in windows 10

You can clearly see in the screenshot that after enabling the tablet mode all the apps and start menu go full screen. Also, a new back arrow icon starts appearing in the place of Cortana search box.

At this point, if you compare the current Start menu with the one in Windows 8/8.1, then you will notice that both look same.

For customizing tablet mode, you can also visit Settings -> System -> Tablet mode. Here you will get additional features like

  • Hide app icons on the taskbar in tablet mode
  • Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode
hide app icons in windows 10 taskbar
Hide app icons on the taskbar in tablet mode
remove the windows 10 taskbar in tablet mode
Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode

You can also enable or disable these settings for making the Start menu look more similar to one in Windows 8.

And you’re done.

Alternatively, you can do the same thing right from the Personalization settings.

Here is what you need to do

1. Launch the Settings app. For that use WIN + I hotkeys to launch it quickly.

2. Click on Personalization.

3. On the left pane, head over to Start button.

enable use start full screen in windows 10

4. On the right pane, Switch the button on under the statement “Use Start full screen” menu.

After enabling the “Use Start full screen” just like tablet mode all the apps accompanied with Start menu go full screen, but Cortana Search still appears in the taskbar. Check the following screenshot for more details:

enable use start full screen in windows 10

That’s it.

Why don’t you try this workaround and let me know if you need any assistance?

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