How To Make Cortana Use Your Default Browser in Windows 10

Microsoft Cortana app can be integrated with Microsoft Edge and Bing search engine. If you really hate this thing, then you can use EdgeDeflector that forces Cortana to use Firefox, Chrome and any other default browser of your choice.

How To Make Cortana Use Your Default Browser In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with lots of new apps and one out of them is Cortana. It is very useful apps but Microsoft has been very restrictive with Cortana. It doesn’t respect your browser settings and transfers all the web queries to Microsoft Edge. The worst part is that there is no way to alter this changes.

Make Cortana Use Your Default Browser In Windows 10

The company did this by making server side modifications which secured the ability to change the Cortana search engine to Google or use another web browser.

EdgeDeflector app for Windows 10

EdgeDeflector is a new open source lightweight application for Windows 10 that helps to fix this. It forces the Cortana app to use your default browser settings and redirects all other links from Edge browser to your default browser or any other browser of your choice.

Here is how you can use EdgeDeflector to change this behavior and force Cortana to use the default browser in Windows 10

Note: In this Windows 10 tutorial, I will show you how to make Cortana use Google Chrome in Windows 10

1. Set Default browser in Windows 10

First, of you need to set browser of your choice as the default browser in Windows 10.  For that:

Press WIN + I hotkeys to launch the Settings app. Head over to Apps -> Default apps.

How To Make Cortana Use Your Default Browser In Windows 10

Here scroll down to Web Browser section and check it Google Chrome is a default browser in Windows 10. If not, click on it and select Google Chrome from the list of the browsers installed in Windows 10.

2. Download and Install EdgeDeflector app in Windows 10

Download EdgeDeflector

Procedure to install EdgeDeflector is little different. You can’t install EdgeDeflector just like any other application available for Windows 10. To install you need to:

Copy the EdgeDeflector.exe file in the C:\Program Files (x86) and run it.

How To Make Cortana Use Your Default Browser In Windows 10

To copy and run the EdgeDeflector.exe file from this location you need to have administrative rights. So when security popup appears, click on the continue button.

How To Make Cortana Use Your Default Browser In Windows 10

When you try to run the app, another security popup will appear asking you that “Windows protected your PC“. In the pop-up, you need to click on “More info” link and click on “Runaway” button.

How To Make Cortana Use Your Default Browser In Windows 10

When UAC screen appears, click Yes to continue.

Also after the installation is completed it will not appear in the Start menu recently added apps list.

In case, you not able to copy the EdgeDeflector.exe file in the above-discussed location you can also copy it to C:\Program Files and run it again.

3. Configure EdgeDeflector App in Windows 10

Search anything using Cortana app. If you have successfully installed the EdgeDeflector application in the Windows 10, then you will be asked to select which app you want to use to search the web. Here in the list, you need to choose EdgeDeflector and click Ok.

How To Make Cortana Use Your Default Browser In Windows 10

That’s it.

The result will be like shown in the below image:

google chrome

Things to Keep in Mind:

This is not a permanent change and system update me reset these settings and Cortana app can again start using Microsoft Edge. But you can again follow the same procedure to install the app after updating to the latest build of Windows 10.

After installing EdgeDeflector app Cortana will search the web using your default web browser in Windows 10 with Bing as default search engine. You can also bypass thing by redirecting Bing searches to search engine of your choice.

If you’re using Firefox browser, you can take help of add-on to redirect Cortana searched from Bing-Google extension

For Chrome browser, you can use Chrome I recommend using Chrometana.

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