Useful Tips on How To Make Google Chrome Faster in Windows 10

If you’re looking for a way to make Google Chrome faster for web browsing in your Windows 10 PC, then on this page you will find out useful tips to make that thing happen.

make google chrome faster in windows 10

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser available on the web for Windows 10 PC. No doubt, it has lots of competitors like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi and more, still, Google Chrome continues to rule the browser market share.

The reason why the majority of the group has set Google Chrome as default web browser in Windows 10 PC is because it is one of the fastest web browser available for Windows 10 operating system. It quickly launches the web pages quickly in comparison to competitor browser. Even it is getting better day by day with each update.

Just like any other browser available on the web, Google Chrome sometimes also slows down with time. After using it for few days, the browser starts taking extra seconds to launch the web pages which in return slow down the overall speed.

If you’re reading this post, that means you getting a feeling that your browser is not opening the web pages like day one, then you can fix this thing by resetting the Google Chrome browser to default settings or reinstalling it. But it is not an easy job to do as it will remove the vital data which includes browsing history, web password (if not backed up) and other data.

Make Google Chrome faster in Windows 10 using SpeedyFox

Users can use SpeedyFox, a freeware tool to make Google Chrome faster in Windows 10. No doubt, the name of the software gives you the feeling that it will speed up Firefox browser, but it is not true. It is fully compatible with Google Chrome as well.

The software was first released for Firefox web browser and maybe due to this reason the developer named it SpeedyFox.

As per the information shared by SpeedyFox developer, this freeware tool helps to boost the Google Chrome startup time upto three times and improves the overall speed of the browser. Using this SpeedyFox you can also boost up the speed of Vivaldi, Firefox, Skype, Palemoon, Mozilla Thunderbird and other programs.

How SpeedyFox boost the Chrome browser speed

According to developers of SpeedyFox, it shrinks the Chrome browser database without deleting any data and optimizes it in a manner so that it operate faster.

The developers of SpeedyFox suggest you to run the tool twice or thrice a week depending on the browser usage.

How to Boost Google Chrome in Windows 10 using SpeedyFox

Download and install the SpeedyFox for Windows.

Run the SpeedyFox tool on your Windows 10 PC or a previous version of Windows.

It will automatically recognize your Chrome profile. In case, you’re running more than one profile in the browser, it will show you list of all the available profiles you have created in your browser.

speedyfox for windows 10

Checkmark the boxes next to the available profile and click on the Optimize button.

This will optimize the Chrome browser for selected profile. That’s it.

speedyfox optimization

The tool may take upto one hour more to complete the optimization depending on the size of the profile and PC configuration.

One of the good thing about SpeedyFox is that it does not delete your password, bookmarks, as well as browsing history. But I always suggest creating a full backup of the important browser data before running the tool.

Other useful tips to make Chrome Faster for Web browsing in Windows 10

Update Google Chrome

how to make google chrome faster in windows 10

You must update Google Chrome browser time to time. Type chrome://help in the address bar. The system will automatically download and install the latest update. In case, you have already the latest version, then you will see the message “Google Chrome is up to date.”

Remove Unwanted Extensions

How To Make Google Chrome Faster in Windows 10

It is always a good idea to remove the extensions from the browser which you’re not using. These extension works continuously in the background to offer the services in return consume lots of system resources for nothing.

Type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar. You will see the list of all the extensions installed on the Chrome browser. Simply click on the trash icon next to the name of particular extension to remove.

Clear Unwanted Data

How To Make Google Chrome Faster in Windows 10

If you don’t have the habit of clearing the unwanted data from your browser, then you’re giving your browser another reason for poor performance. The unwanted data include browsing data and bookmarks. To remove, you need to click on hamburger icon and then click on More tools -> Clear browsing data

Here you will get a list of all the things which comes under browsing data. Simply check the box next to them and then click on the button which reads “Clear browsing data

It will take time depending on the data stored in your browser.

Disable Unwanted Plugins

How To Make Google Chrome Faster in Windows 10

Type chrome://plugins in the address bar of the browser. Now you will get list installed plugins. Simply remove the one which is useless.

Control Tabs with custom Extensions

The amount of the tabs you open at a time in your browser also has a great impact on the performance of the browser accompanied with how much the RAM app consumes. Luckily it is possible to open lots of apps at once keeping the memory consumption under control with the help of some useful extension.

Following are the name of the extensions which you can use the purpose:

Use Data Saver Extensions

In case, you’re facing the poor internet connection, then due to this reason, your browser will turn into the sluggish browser. You can use Data Saver Extensions to improve the bandwidth. One of the best extension for this purpose is “Google Data Saver

It utilizes the Google servers and compact and optimizes the web pages before they’re opened into your browser.

Use the Default Theme

Everyone loves personalization but it you really care about the performance of the browser in comparison to customization, then you must always use the default theme.

How To Make Google Chrome Faster in Windows 10

Themes also consume RAM, but if you want the best performance also go with the default theme. To reset the theme to default one type chrome://settings under appearance click on the “Reset to default theme” button.

You will only able to click on the button if you’re using any custom theme.

In case, you’re not using any custom theme, then the button will not be grayed out.

Enable Smoother Scrolling

How To Make Google Chrome Faster in Windows 10

Type chrome://flags into the address bar and look for options which read “Enable fast tab/windows close” when you enable this feature it will speed up the Chrome browser by enabling it to close windows separate to any JavaScrpt code that might be operating in the background.

Look for Malware and Spyware

The presence of malware and spyware in the browser is another reason for poor performance. So it is also a good idea to take help of anti-malware tools like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for scanning the browser.

You can also run the Google Software Removal Tool

In case, you’re looking for some of best browser using which you can search the web flawlessly, then check out my post on fastest web browser for Windows 10.

Why don’t you give a try to SpeedyFox and let me know if it really helped you to speed up your Chrome browser in Windows 10?

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