How to Personalize Windows 10 without Activation

If you have not activated the copy of Windows 10 but want to personalize it, then you might love to read this. In the post, I will try to cover all the possible ways that let you personalize your Windows 10 PC without activating it.

How to Personalize Windows 10 without Activating it

In a comparison of previous Windows operating system (Windows 7 and Windows 8), you can easily personalize your PC or laptop running Windows 10. There is a different section in a settings app named as Personalization under which you can find almost all the settings that play important role in the personalization of the PC. The various settings that come under Personalization Settings are:

For some unknown reasons, the company has developed the Windows 10 OS is a way that if your Windows 10 is not activated, then it will oddly block all the personalization settings which mean you will not able to use all the settings which I have discussed above. The worst part is that you will not even able to change the Windows 10 desktop background.

In case, you don’t know how to active Windows 10, then check my tutorial on How to Add Product Key and Activate Windows 10

How to Personalize Windows 10 without Activating it.

So I decided to write this article in which you will be reading about all the possible workarounds or tricks that help you to personalize Windows 10 without activation. So without further delay why don’t you start reading about them:

Change Windows 10 Desktop Background without Activation

Yes, you’re reading right, you can easily change Windows 10 wallpaper without activation. For that, you need to take help of Windows 10 File Explore and Internet Explore.

I have already written a detailed post on How to Change Windows 10 Desktop Background without Activation. You can check this post and read about both ways.

At the point of writing this post, this is the only possible way to personalize your Windows 10 desktop.

I’m still looking for other possible ways too and will update them as soon as possible I find them to be working.

The article is still updating…

In case, you know any other workaround that helps to personalize your Windows 10 without activation.

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