How to Receive Smartphone Notifications on Windows 10 PC

If you’re looking for a way to that helps you to receive any Android smartphone or Windows 10 mobile on Windows 10 PC? Actually, it’s possible and in this tutorial, you will find how to do it.

windows 10 mobile notification on Windows 10

Cortana is one of the core features of Windows 10 and company is giving its best to enhance this personal assistance application for Windows 10. In the latest Insider preview build of Windows 10, the company added a new feature Send and Receive notification that let you read all your notifications from Windows 10 Windows.

Receive Windows 10 Mobile Notification on Windows 10 PC

To take advantage of the functionality you need to have logged in with the same Microsoft Account and the activation of Cortana in the same language on all devices; Furthermore, it is essential to have:

Send Notifications from Windows 10 Mobile to Windows 10 PC

To turn notifications  on your smartphone Windows 10 Mobile PC Windows 10:

1. You need to Start Cortana .

2. Navigate to Cortana Settings .

3. Now look for Send notifications between devices option and activate it.

By clicking on Manage notifications you can choose to send alert notifications to a flat battery, for missed calls and to identify the smartphone.

Receiving Notification on Windows 10 PC/Tablet from Windows 10 Mobile

To enable the reception of notifications on Windows 10 PC from Windows 10 Mobile:

1. Start Cortana .

2. Navigate to Settings .

3. Now look for Send notifications between devices and activate it.

receive windows 10 mobile notification on windows 10

In case, you have a smartphone running Android operating system, then you need to follow steps in upcoming lines:

Receive Android Smartphone Notification on Windows 10 PC/Tablet

To enable the reception of notifications on Windows 10 PC from Android smartphone:

1. Download and Install the latest version of Cortana for Android

2. Sideload Cortana

3. Launch and Setup the Cortana application

4. Navigate to Settings -> Sync Notification

5. Under Sync Notification, you can select which notification you want to receive on Windows 10 PC.

receive android smartphone notification on windows 10

That’s it

This is a feature that could be very useful for all users who often use the computer and do not want to miss even a notification that arrives on your smartphone. Do not believe? What do you think of this new feature? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Windows Blog Italia (Windows 10 Mobile) and Reddit (Android)

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