How to Record Screen | Gameplay in Windows 10 PC using Game DVR

Windows 10 comes with lots of cool new features, settings, and apps. In today’s article, I will discuss one of the useful features of Windows 10 Xbox app that let you record Windows 10 Desktop screen or Gameplay.

how to record screen of windows 10 desktop using game dvr

There are lots of ways to take a screenshot in Windows 10. You can press the Print Screen key or use the Windows 10 Snipping tool. The good thing about these methods is that you’re not required to download any third party utilities to make that thing happen. When it comes to record screen of Windows 10 desktop, then it’s totally different story.

Screen recording is very useful when you want to create a video about some issue you’re facing on your Windows 10 PC or to record anyone’s activity on the PC or to make a video tutorial so that you can share it on YouTube. Using this you can also record a game walkthrough etc.

The majority of the users take help of third party screen recording tools like Camtasia to record screen in Windows 10. However, Windows 10 comes with inbuilt screen recorder tool that let you record screen in Windows 10. Some users call it a hidden feature of Windows 10, but it’s not. Basically it a part of Windows 10 Xbox app and the only purpose of a adding this screen recording feature is to help gamers so that they can record gameplay in Windows 10, but anyone can use it.

With the help of Windows 10 Game bar, the gamers can easily take screenshots of their achievements and high scores accompanied by the gameplay footage for their awesome gaming skills. So why to take help of third party screen recorders for Windows 10, if you can use easily record the screen of Windows 10 desktop using the inbuilt tool.

Record Screen | Gameplay in Windows 10 PC using Game DVR

Here is what you need to do to record Windows 10 Desktop screen without using any software.

1. First of all launch the Windows 10 Settings app. For that, Press WIN + I hotkeys.

2. Click on the Gaming -> Game bar.

gaming settings in windows 10

3. On the right pane, you need to turn off the option which reads “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar

windows 10 gamebar settings

Here on this setting page, you will learn about Windows 10 hotkeys to manage Game DVR Features like:

  • WIN + G – To launch the Game bar
  • WIN +Alt+G – Let record the last few minutes of the game walkthrough
  • WIN +Alt+R – Start/stop recording
  • WIN +Alt+Print Screen –  Take a screenshot of your game
  • WIN +Alt+T – Show/hide the recording timer
  • WIN +Alt+M –  Start/stop microphone recording

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4. To record the Windows 10 Screen, you need to Press WIN + G hotkeys and a dialog box will appear with the message “Do you want to open Game bar?” You need to tick-mark the box next to “Yes, this is a game“.

open game bar in windows 10

After that Game bar will be opened. It will look like shown in the following screenshot:

game bar recording button in windows 10

Note: If you’re not seeing red record button on the Game bar, that means your PC doesn’t meet the hardware requirements of Game DVR. In this situation the recording button in the Game bar will look like shown in the following screenshot:

gamebar button disabled in windows 10

5. In the Game bar, you need to click on the red record button to start recording the screen of Windows 10 or gameplay footage.

6. To stop recording, you need to again press the red recording button.

Alternatively, you can press the WIN + ALT  + R hotkeys to start recording and again press the combination of same hotkeys to stop recording.

You can find all the clips at following location C:\Users\Winranx\Videos\Captures

game dvr settings in windows 10

To manage your screen recording settings, you need head over to Settings -> Gaming -> Game DVR

That’s it.

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