How to Reset Windows 10 (When Windows won’t boot)

Windows 10 PC won’t boot? The best and easiest way to fix this issue is by resetting Windows 10. And if you don’t know how to do that, I recommend you must read this article for detailed step by step instructions.

how to reset windows 10-detailed guide

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows operating system by the Microsoft. The company released Windows 10 one year ago, but still there are users who’re facing lots of issues while using it. The company has already released lots of fix for noticeable issue still, there are issues which need to be fixed and I’m sure that Microsoft developer team is working well on that.

There are some other Windows 10 issues, which you can fix yourself using the hidden options and feature provided the Microsoft in their operating system. The only thing you will require is a tutorial.

Here in this article, I’m going to discuss with you Windows 10 boot issue which is discussed by lots of users on the Windows forums and you’re reading this article because you also facing the same issue.

The only you need to do is to reset your Windows 10 PC to fix the boot issue. Simple right?

The company has baked reset feature in the Windows 10 OS which you can access by navigating to Settings apps- > Update & security -> Recovery.

Now you might be wondering, how it is possible to reach there if your Windows 10 PC won’t boot up? Actually, you can also access reset feature of Windows 10 right from the boot menu using Advanced boot menu.

Reset Windows 10 (when Windows won’t boot)

If you’re not aware of this thing, then here is what you need to do. But before your start following the guide, keep following things in mind:

  1. Resetting your Windows 10 PC will remove all the third party application which you have installed on your computer.
  2. During the process, you can select what you want to keep on your Windows 10 PC which includes all your personal data.
  3. It is highly recommended you backup your before proceeding.

Tip: “You can fix around 70-80% Windows 10 PC issue just by resetting Windows 10” So you can give a try to this thing if nothing works well for you.

How to Reset Windows 10 PC

To Reset Windows 10 PC using Advanced Boot Menu, here is what you need to do:

Without bootable Windows 10 OS, you will require installation media or recovery to boot from.

If your system finds out that there is a boot problem, then the advanced boot menu screen automatically appear after two failed boot attempts.  In case, you’re within Windows 10 simply use the Shift+Click during the restart option to get the same menu.

Use Windows 10 Installation Media/Recovery Media/Two Failed Boot Attempts to Boot

To boot from Windows 10 Installation media, what you will require is the installation media of Windows 10. One of the best way to get the installation media by using the Media creation tool (Click on the link for detailed guide).

Once you got the bootable Windows 10 installation media, insert it on your Windows 10 Computer or Laptop.

In the first screen of Windows 10 installation media, simply fill the require information and click “Next.”


In the next window, look for “Repair your computer” option which you will see at the bottom left the side of the Window. Click on it.


Under Choose an option menu, you will find different options, here you need to click on the “Troubleshoot” option.


Alternatively, you can wait for two failed boot attempts or use the recovery media.

Under Troubleshoot, Click on the “Reset the PC


In the next window, you will be provided with two options:

  • Keep my files: This will remove all the apps and settings, but keep the personal data.
  • Remove everything: This will remove all the apps, settings, and personal data.


Now it is upto you to which option you want to go. If you click on the Keep my files, then in the next window you will be asked to select the target operating system i.e. Windows 10


If you can click the Remove everything option, you will see the options to select which drives you want to wipe out. To keep yourself on the safe side, click on the “Only the drive where Windows is installed


In the next window, click on the “Just remove my files” option, if you’re not selling and keeping your PC.


At last, a popup will appear asking you to confirm your action. Here click on the Reset button.


Now allow the system to finish the reset process.

That’s it.

Once the process is completed, the Windows 10 boot error will be fixed. Why don’t you give a try to this fix and let me know if it helped you or not?

In case, above guide didn’t fix your issue, it is better to clean install Windows 10.

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