5 Different Ways on How to Speed up Windows 10 & Run Faster

Want your Windows 10 PC run faster? Actually, we can help. Take a few minutes to try out these useful tips on your Windows 10 machine and we guarantee your machine will be less prone to system issues and performance.

how to speed up windows 10 and run faster
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Different Ways on How to Speed up Windows 10

Windows 10 is definitely a good operating system or, at least, has all the characteristics to be: smooth, fast, reliable and safe. Just by implementing few tricks you can speed it up further.

Let’s start with the first tip:

Turn Off Visual Effects and Animation of Windows 10

Windows 10 featuring lots of visual graphical effects which is enabled by default. You can turn them turn off safely. To do this you simply:

  1. Type in the search box view Advanced System Settings, Alternatively go to this PC and card, Computer select System Properties at this point click on Advanced System Settings );
  2. Go to the tab Advanced and select Settings  under the heading Performance ;
  3. Go to the tab Visual Effective , select Customize and uncheck the items listed below:
  • Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing
  • Slide Open combo boxes
  • Animate Controls and elements inside windows
  • Show shadows under windows
  • Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop

how to speed up windows 10

If you wish, you can also turn off unnecessary animations to further increase the fluidity of the system.

how to speed up windows 10

  1. Type in the search box of Control Panel .
  2. Choose Optimize visual display which is under Ease of Access category.
  3. Put a check Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible) .

Turn Off Windows 10 Startup Services

You can easily disable Windows 10 Startup services, both Windows and installed programs that automatically start at boot. To do this you simply:

  1. Type in the search box System Configuration (or alternatively msconfig );
  2. Switch to Services tab;
  3. Put a check mark in the Hide All Microsoft Services , disable all the services of the programs you need not click Apply ;
  4. Uncheck Hide all Microsoft services and disable all button the following Microsoft Services:
  • AllJoyn Router Service
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption Service
  • Cryptographic Services
  • Fax
  • Server
  • workstations
  • Auto Connection Manager Remote Access
  • Connection Manager Remote Access
  • Demo shop service
  • Smart Card Removal Policy
  • Remote Desktop Configuration
  • Telephony
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Hyper-V Guest service interface
  • Hyper-V Heartbeat service
  • Hyper-V Data Exchange service
  • Hyper-V Desktop Virtualization service remote
  • Hyper-V Guest Shutdown Service
  • Hyper-V Time Synchronization service
  • Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Requester

how to speed up windows 10

Click OK . When you see the following message, save any open files, close programs and click Restart .

NOTE 1 | To make the changes you may need to restart your computer. Before restart, save any open files and close all programs.

NOTE 2 | The services listed above may not be available in all editions of Windows 10. To re-enable them simply return the check.

Turn off the Windows 10 Startup Programs

You can disable programs that start automatically when Windows starts. To do this you simply:

how to speed up windows 10

  1. Type in the search box Task Manager (or, alternatively, simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + Esc , or simultaneously press the CtrlAlt + Delete and select Task Manager );
  2. Click More details in the lower left;
  3. Switch to Startup tab ;
  4. Disable any programs that you do not.

Turn Off the Sound in Windows 10

You can turn off the sounds applied to events and to Windows programs. To do this you simply:

  1. Type in the search box Manage Audio Devices (or alternatively go to the Control Panel , select Hardware and Sound, then Audio );
  2. Switch to Sound tab;
  3. Under Sound Scheme, Click on dropdown and Select No sound .
  4. Click OK .

how to speed up windows 10

Turn Off the Apps Running in Background of Windows 10

You can choose which apps you can get information, send notifications and be updated even when not used. To do so:

  1. Go to Settings , select Privacy then Background apps;
  2. On the Right panel, Disable any apps you do not need.

how to speed up windows 10

Just try these five tips and we guarantee you will find that your Windows 10 computer is running fast. Have you found more speed after following this advice? Tell us in your comments.

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