Install Large Apps to Another Drive from Windows Store in Windows 10

The interesting feature of Windows store is spotted in the latest build of Windows 10. With the help of this feature users will able to select different drive to install large apps and games to save space on the system drive.

The Windows store is an official and convenient way to download apps and games on Windows 10 PC. But users are not satisfied with it as they facing lots of issues while trying to download large size application.

Install Large Apps to Another Drive from Windows Store in Windows 10

By default, all the application and games downloaded via Windows store directly get installed on the Windows partition. It will be great if their is option to change the default app location to a different drive. As it will provide more control and extra power to users to store the downloaded application according to their desire. 

Luckily the feature is avilable in the latest version of Windows 10. The dialog box will appear when you try download the large size application and games from Windows store. In the dialog box users can select on which drive they want to install the application. At the moment its not confirmed on what size you will see this dialog box. While the small size applications and games will use the default location which you can manage under PC settings.

This is such a useful features for the users who use Windows store to download apps and games. You can also check our previous article on how to move apps to another partition or drive in Windows 10.

The feature is available and working fine in both Windows 10 insider preview build 14366 and 14361.

In our opinion it’s really a useful feature, let us know what you think about this feature?

Source: Reddit

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