How to Install Microsoft Edge Extensions in Windows 10

Can’t wait to install Microsoft Edge extensions in Windows 10? Actually, with the latest build of Windows 10, it is possible now. In this article, you will find out what you need to do to install the extension in Edge browser.

download and install microsoft edge browser in windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the new and default browser in Windows 10, is one of the best browser available for Windows 10. The Edge browser is very fast in comparison to other popular browsers in many areas. It offers an easy-to-use layout which works flawlessly on both desktops as well as touch devices and more importantly it’s better than Internet Explorer.

The support for Edge extension was one of the features about which lots of users were asking from the day Windows 10 was first released by Microsoft. The company has finally updated the Edge browser and bring extension support to it. If you’re using Windows 10 Latest build 14342 or above, then you can install the extension in Edge browser.

In layman’s language, using this extension feature you can add new features and personalize the browser the way you want. Right now, there are a limited number of extensions available for the Edge, but the number will get a boost once software giant will release Edge extension support publicly.

At the moment, Edge browser only support five extensions which include:

  • Microsoft Translator – Translate foreign language pages for 50+ languages
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite – Improve Reddit browsing experience
  • Mouse Gesture – Gives you gesture like switching between tabs
  • OneNote Clipper – Save anything on the web to OneNote
  • Pin It Button – Save interesting Pinterest stories for later reading

Microsoft Edge browser now have lots of useful extensions. So why don’t you check out some of the best Microsoft Edge extensions? To get more details about these extensions for Edge browser you can visit extension page for Microsoft Edge Dev.

Note: You can download and install Edge browser extensions via Windows Store

Here’s how to do that:

Download and Install Microsoft Edge Extensions in Windows 10 via Windows Store

1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser

install microsoft edge extension in windows 10

2. Click on More action (…) three dot icon, located at top-right of the browser window, and then click on Extensions.

install microsoft edge extension in windows 10

2. Click on the link which reads “Get Extension from the store”. It will launch the Microsoft Edge extensions section in Windows Store.

microsoft extensions section in windows store

3. On this page, you will find out the list of the Extensions available for Microsoft Edge browser. Simply click on the one which you want to download.

install microsoft edge extension in windows 10

4. It will launch the extension download page for selected extension. Click on the “Get” button.

If you’re downloading the extension for the first time, then you will see the Get button. In case, you’re reinstalling the extension, then you will see the “Install” button instead of “Get” button.

install extension button in windows store

The process will take few seconds to download and install the extension depending on the size of extension and your internet speed

install microsoft edge extension in windows 10

5. Once done, you will get notification via action center.

install microsoft edge extension in windows 10

6. Click on the Launch button.

7. It will launch the Edge browser showing you a dialog box telling you about what you can do using this extension.

A dialog box will show you two button with options Turn it on and Keep it off.

install microsoft edge extension in windows 10

If you want to enable the extension, then click on Turn it on. Else click on the Keep it off button to enable the extension later.

8. When you enable the extension by clicking on the “Turn it on” button, it will start appearing under a list of extensions installed on Edge browser.

install microsoft edge extension in windows 10

9. To manage the extension, you click on the “settings” (gear icon) next to the name of extension appear in the extension section.

Here you will find options to enable the extension, show extension icon in the address bar as well as to uninstall the extension.

Disable and Uninstall Microsoft Edge Extensions

To disable the extension, you just need to move the toggle switch to turn if off.

disable and uninstall edge extensions in windows 10

To uninstall the extension, you need to click on the “Uninstall” button. A dialog box appears and asks for your confirmation. Click Ok to continue.

uninstall extension from edge browser

I hope this really helps you. Why don’t you try this tutorial on how to install Microsoft Edge extensions in Windows 10 and let me know your experience in the comments.

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