How to Join Windows Insider Program and Get Latest Version

Want to enjoy the latest version of Windows 10? The only solution is to join Windows Insider Program. In this article, you will check detailed tutorial on how to do that.

How to Join Windows Insider Program and Get Latest Version

Microsoft has finally released Anniversary update for Windows 10 worldwide, but the Windows Insider Program is still continuing. Even the first public build version 14901 of Windows 10 Redstone 2 is also released by the company.

The good thing about Windows Insider Program is that all the testers who enroll in this program will enjoy all the latest features of Windows 10 before it is available for rest of the world. If you have PC with Windows 10 installed in it, then you can also join Windows 10 Insider Program to get insider previews. There is no limitation this insider program. If you think Windows Insider Program is not your cup of tea, then you will opt-out anytime.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Windows Insider builds are not completely stable, buggy, and incomplete. So sometimes you can face lots of issues while using it.
  • Normally you will receive Insider Preview of Windows in the gap of 3-4 days or sometimes after a week. So you can expect that this program going to eat lots of your internet data and raise your bill.
  • If you decided to opt-out from Windows Insider Program and revert back to the stable version, then you need to perform a clean installation of Windows.

Warning: It is highly recommended not to use these Windows Insider Previews on your working or regular computer or laptop.  Always try on the secondary system if possible because these builds are just for the experimental purpose.

Before you Start:

Make sure you’re logged into your PC with Microsoft account. If you are on using a local account, then first convert your local account to a Microsoft account.

How to Join Windows Insider Program in Windows 10

1. First of all, visit the official web page of Windows Insider Program.

How to Join Windows Insider Program and Get Latest Version

2. After that sign in using Microsoft account. Don’t worry it is absolutely free. This will connect your Microsoft account with Windows Insider Program.

3. Now launch the Settings App

How to Join Windows Insider Program and Get Latest Version

3. Click on Update & Security. On the left panel Scroll down t0 Windows Insider Program and click on it. On the right side, click on Get Started.

windows insider account

If you’re logged into PC with your Microsoft account, then you will see the same account as your Windows Insider Account. In case, you want to change Windows Insider account, simply click on it and you will see the button labeled as “Change” click on it to change it. You can click on “Unlink” button to unlink your account from Windows Insider Program.

change windows insider account

4. Once you click on Get Started, Blue Pop over will cover the screen with message “this won’t take long

this won't take

5. Now you will see the page with a message i.e. You will be installing pre-release software and services that might not be fully tested. Continue only if you…

continue only if

Click on the Next button. If you’re agree

6. In Before you confirm screen, you will see a note i.e. If you ever want to stop receiving Insider Preview builds you may need to remove everything and reinstall Windows.

before you confirm
If agree, click on the Confirm button.

7. At last, you will see the screen with two buttons Restart Now or Restart Later. Click on the button according to your wish. It is recommended to click on Restart Now button.

At this point, you have successfully joined the Windows Insider Program.

8. After successful reboot. You will notice that under Windows Insider Program tab there are more options to manage this program.

9. Now you need to select whether you want to receive insider builds in the slow ring or fast ring. For that, you will click on the dropdown listed under Choose your Insider Level option.

choose your insider level
Note: Fast ring insider builds are less stable in comparison of the Slow ring. So make a choice by keeping this thing in mind.

Tip: You can switch from slow to fast ring anytime, but it will take the time to receive the insider build after changing your settings.

10. After choosing your insider level, head over to Windows Update tab and click Check now button. If any insider builds is available for the fast ring it. You will get the option to download and install it.

That’s it. You’re now one of the testers of Windows Insider Program. Let us know if you find out tutorial useful or not. You can also share your experience with us in the comments.

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