How to Limit Upload or Download Speed of OneDrive App for Windows 10

If you’re using the updated version of OneDrive app for Windows 10, then it provides you the ability to choose the speed of upload and download of files and folders. In this article, you will find steps on how to do that.

OneDrive App on Windows 10

Microsoft silently released a new update for OneDrive app for Windows 10. The update introduced lots of new features and one out of them let you limit the upload and download speed for OneDrive app.

In the previous version of the application, there is no settings to configure the upload and download speed. Due to this reason, whenever you try to upload big size file, the application slow the internet connection. Unfortunately, this new feature is not available for all the Windows 10 users.

At the moment, this feature is only active for some users having Windows Update 10 November(build 10586) and Windows 10 Anniversary Update (build 14342 and later) in the  version 17.3.6386.0412

Although, if you’re lucky, you might already have configured the upload and download speed on OneDrive. If not, then you can check whether it’s available on your PC. By following these steps:

limit upload and download speed of OneDrive App on Windows 10

1. Launch the OneDrive App for Windows 10 from the Tray

2. Navigate to the Network tab and set the Upload rate and Download limit from the options.

For example, as shown in the image if you set upload rate to 100 KB/s and download limit to 125 KB/s then it will only use this bandwidth and improve stabilize the internet connection.

So this is how you can limit download and upload speed of OneDrive app on Windows 10. If you have already received the new Desktop client version of OneDrive? Let us know in the comments.

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