Use Microsoft Self Healing or Software Repair Tool to Fix Windows 10 Issues

If you’re facing lots of software issues and problems in Windows 10? Microsoft Self Healing or Windows 10 Repair tool might help you in fixing all of them.

Whether it’s Windows 7 and Windows 8, it is very hard to keep the system away from software issues and problems, especially in Windows 10. After upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary update lots of users start experiencing issues and one of the most popular is webcam freezing issue.

microsoft software repair tool

The company is also aware of these issues and to help their valuable users Microsoft Technical Support team has a new Microsoft Self Healing tool a.k.a Windows Software Repair tool. This tool

  • Repair system component and detect corrupt files
  • Repair system corruption
  • Fix Windows updates issues (if it is possible)

How to Use Microsoft Self-Healing Tool or Windows 10 Repair Tool

1. You need to visit this link to download the Microsoft Windows 10 Software Repair Tool

2. Once you grab the setup file, click to launch the tool. Click the Yes button, if UAC screen appears.

A white color window will appear with the message i.e. Having trouble with your surface? This tool will make sure it’s up to date and help find and fix software issues.

Now, this statement confirms that this tool is released just for Microsoft Surfaces devices, but the good thing is that it can also be used on all the devices running Windows 10.

3. To continue using the tool, you need to check mark I have read and accept the License Agreement and click on “Process to Scan and Fix

4. A pop-up will come up asking you to “Enable System Restore” by providing you two options i.e. Yes, Enable System Restore and No, continue without it. Now it is all your wish, whether you want to enable System Restore or continue using the tool without it.

microsoft software repair tool 2

Note: You will only see this if you have not enabled the System Restore feature in Windows 10. If this feature is disabled by you.

5. After that, another window will appear with the message this tool will help you by finding and fixing potential software issues. This tool will perform following steps: 

Repair system component and detect corrupt files

  • Create System Restore Point
  • Resync System Date and Time
  • Reset System Settings
  • Reinstall System Settings

microsoft software repair tool 3

Repair system corruption (this may take some time)

  • Restore Component Store Health
  • Restore System Health
  • Repair System Corruption
  • System Restart

microsoft software repair tool 4

After completing this step, this tool will ask you to reboot your computer or laptop to continue the process. After a successful reboot, this Windows software repair tool will automatically launch with a message I confirm that my current date and time is: (date and time of using the time).

Here, you need to check this box and then click on the “Install Update” button for continue using this Self-Healing Tool.

microsoft software repair tool 5

Windows Update

Now this will look for any Windows Update available for your system. This process can take time depending on the size of the update. This step will only complete if your system is connected with active internet connection.

Once the process is completed, it will again ask you to reboot your system.

Note: Unfortunately, all the changes you have made in system settings will be reset to default settings after running Microsoft Software Repair Tool.

Ramesh of Winhelponline has observed some additional steps which this tool perform but are not visible to the users which are listed below in the order:

microsoft self healing tool

That’s it!

Why don’t you give a try to Microsoft Self-Healing Tool or Windows 10 Repair Tool and let us know if you really found this helpful or not?

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