How to Snooze | Schedule Updates in Windows 10 Creators Update

Want to fix the odious issue with Windows 10 automatic reboots while updating to the latest build? Now the company has decided to add a new option in Windows 10 Creator update.

How to Snooze Schedule Updates in Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update is expected to release in April 2017. The company has introduced lots of cool new features. Windows 10 OS has almost all the features or you can say feature complete. Even the latest build of Windows 10 Creator updates comes without a watermark in a desktop.

Windows 10 is well known for an automatic reboot when updates hit the system. This is a very irritating feature and obstructs whatever you’re doing on Windows 10 PC. Even due to this unexpected reboot most of the users lose the work. According to Microsoft, they just trying to stop fragmentation by delivering everyone latest build to improve reliability and stability so that reduce the number of unpatched Windows 10 PC.

In the Windows 10 builds before Creators Update, the users only had following options which you can find under Settings -> Update & security -> On the right side, Advanced options.

  • Active Hours
  • Pause Updates

Snooze Updates in Windows 10 Creators Update

In addition to these options, Microsoft decided to add a new option named as Snooze updates that give the users more control on how to install updates. With this new feature, the update installation dialog show you three buttons named as

  • Restart now
  • Pick a time
  • Snooze

Snooze Updates in Windows 10 Creators Update

To delay the update you can click on Snooze button which in return automatically delay the Windows update installation process for next three days.

The new feature is not limited to Snooze option, as you there is one more option added by the company to Windows Update options. It let the users define the precise time when you want to restart the Windows 10 PC and install the all the unfinished updates. Here is how the interface of this new option looks like

Schedule Updates in Windows 10 Creators Update

The company introduced these options to serve Windows 10 users who’re not satisfied with the current way of installing the latest builds of the operating system in Windows 10. A large group of the users reported that Windows 10 reboot itself selecting the worst time, spoiling their workflow, even some users lose their data to this behavior. Even nobody is happy if PC reboot at the time when you’re middle of doing your important work.

Schedule Updates in Windows 10 Creators Update

But after adding a new option in the Windows Update feature, the company wants to make Windows 10 more user-friendly to make users happy and avoid unexpected restarts.

Why don’t you try these new options for Snooze or Schedule Updates in Windows 10 Creators Update and let us know if Microsoft delivers what you expect from them?

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