How to Take Screenshot of Windows 10 Login Screen [No Software Required]

If you cover tutorial on Windows 10, then you definitely looking for a way to take a screenshot of Windows 10 login screen, right? Actually, it’s possible and in this tutorial, you will check how to do it easily without using any third party software.

windows 10 login screen screenshot

Like other versions of Windows, the Windows 10 also comes with a feature that let you capture the screenshot of the desktop just by pressing PrntScr + Win Key and it will automatically save it under Picture -> Screenshots folder. Also, there is the inbuilt application called snipping tool which provides you some additional features like editing the screenshot, and share it. But both the options fail when you try to take a screenshot of the Windows 10 Login or Logon or Lock Screen.

Now you might be wondering, why would someone like to take a screenshot of the login screen of Windows 10. Actually, there are authors like me who cover tutorial on Windows 10 to help new beginners. There are lots of things which can be customized in Windows 10 login screen like Change the background of the login screen of Windows 10, remove email ID from Windows 10 login screen and related things.

To show the reader how the login screen will look like after doing the changes they require screenshot so that they can embed it into the post. There are lots of users who actually taking a screenshot of Windows 10 login screen using VirtualBox or using some third party software.

Most of the users prefer to use less third party applications and take full advantages of resources available in the Operating system. Wouldn’t be a great thing if its possible for those users to take a screenshot of lock screen of Windows 10 without using any third party tool? Yes, it is!

Good news is that you can take a screenshot of the login screen and for that you need to advantage of Ease of Access button which appears on Windows 10 login screen. You just need to assign Ease of Access button to Run Snipping tool. Once done, you can easily take a screenshot of the login screen and save it.

Tip for Taking Screenshot of Lock Screen of Windows 10: To take the screenshot of Lock Screen, you don’t need to follow the below steps: Just navigate to Lock Screen Press PrntScr key, login to computer launch MS Paint and Ctrl + V to paste it. You can skip the snipping tool process.

In upcoming lines, you will find steps on how to take a screenshot of Windows 10 login screen. Why don’t you follow the steps?

Take Screenshot of Windows 10 Login Screen

1. First, assign SnippingTool to Ease of Access button. For that, check out our article on How to Run Any App on Windows 10 Login Screen using Ease of Access Button.

2. Lock Windows 10 and gets the login screen. For that, Press Win + L key and it will lock your computer or laptop. Now you will see the Windows 10 lock screen. Hit Enter to open the Login Screen.

windows 10 lock screen

3. On Windows 10 login screen, you will see your profile picture, with name and box to enter your password along with the beautiful background. You will also see Wifi, Ease of Access, and Shut Down icon at the bottom left.

ease of access

4. To take a screenshot, Just click on Ease of Access button and it will launch the Snipping Tool.

5. On that, click down arrow icon on beside the New tab. You will see four options, click on Full Screen-Snip and it will capture the whole screen and open it in Snipping Tool editor.

full-screen snip snipping tool

Note: This only work if you assign Snipping Tool to Ease of Access button as mentioned in the first step.

6. When you try to save it, the tool refuses to do that. No problem, login screen screenshot is still copied in clipboard. Close the image editor, Pop-up will appear Click Yes or No Doesn’t matter.

7. Now login back to your computer or laptop.

save screenshot to paint

8. Launch MS Paint on your computer and Ctrl + V to Paste the Windows 10 login screen screenshot into the Paint.

8. Now you can save the screenshot of Windows 10 login screen and user it where you want.

That’s it!

You can see the result in the following screenshot.

how to take screenshot of windows 10 login screen or lock screen

Why don’t you try out this easy to use a hack to take a screenshot of Windows 10 login screen? Did you know this trick already? Let us know

I hope you will find it useful!

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