15 Best Calendar Apps for Windows 10 Mobile | PC

Whether you have a bad memory power like me or finding it hard to manage your time or running from one meeting to other, then a calendar app can surely help you to organize everything in the right manner.

top and best calendar apps for windows 10 mobile and pc

Using a calendar app is like keeping a secretary of your own who will always keep you on the right track and ensure all the schedules are properly done.

Folks who are already aware of the efficiency and usefulness of a calendar app have requested us to provide them a list of top calendar apps they can use to plan their busy schedule.

But let me tell you one thing, the usefulness of the app depends on the user. It is your requirements which will decide whether this app is useful for you or not.

Other than you no one can decide that.

Top and Best Calendar Apps for Windows 10 Mobile and PC

So, I am providing you with the top and best calendar apps for Windows which are hugely popular in the market right now. You can pick a few of them and try them to decide which suits you the best.

1. KeepIn Calendar

keepin calendar app for windows 10

KeepIn Calendar is the best and beautiful holiday calendar that brings you interesting daily content across the globe with beautiful UI. It is a universal app featuring International Multicultural Holiday Calendar 2016 with Live Tile feature. It also features brand new photo calendar that offers the world and international holidays as well as festival and special events for the single day.

Its live tile feature offers daily images that make your device screen more beautiful and color.

Support: Windows 10 PC | Mobile

2. My Calendar

my calendar for windows 10

This app includes all the features that you will need to schedule everyday plans which includes reminders, repeat options of the events in the future, widgets, clearly illustrated buttons to navigate about to separate months and days and more.

Clearly, this app will be your perfect companion in your busy schedule and also you can download this app for free from Windows app store.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

3. Calendar Live Tile

calendar live tile for windows 10

If you’re looking for a calendar right on your Windows 10 Start screen? You must give a try to Calendar Live Tile apps. It generates full month calendar app as a live tile. You can alter calendar font, color themes, size, lines and related stuff.

This application automatically gets updated in the background every day. You can also pin tiles for one year and lot more.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

4. Mail and Calendar app

mail and calendar app for windows 10

This app is manufactured by Microsoft Corporation and comes for free. Also, it only runs in windows 10 PC and mobile.

Some of the features of the new version are- you can at once download and save all attachments in an email, browse and select your contacts from the Windows people picker, also switch to the people app from Mail and Calendar.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

5. Power Planner

power planner for windows 10

Another interesting Windows 10 Calendar app is Power Planner. It is one of the best homework planner apps for students. It offers you a variety of features like online sync, GPA and Grade calculation, room locations, time schedules, automatic reminder, live titles and much more.

This application is available for free, but paid version is also available that add more value and features to this amazing app.

Supports: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

6. Agenda

agenda for windows 10

The calendar app from SSoft is free to download and the new version can be availed for both PC and tablet along with the mobile phone. The app will only run in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

It lets you manage all your important dates with a color scheme feature so that you can understand which meeting is knocking at the door.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

7. Jorte Calendar & Diary app

jorte calendar and diary for windows 10

This free calendar app provides you the facility off syncing the service with the cloud which gives you the leverage of managing your dates from the internet. It only runs on Windows 8.1 and 10 desktop and Phone.

Apart from reminders and ToDo list, it has a task manager and memo adders. The color scheme of this app is also an essential feature which provides you the facility to make out the important events clearly.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile | PC

8. miraCal

miracal for windows 10

This app gives you a well-designed and planned overview of the month so that you can understand which day is coming or how many days are left till that special occasion?

The customizable widgets will help you to add them to your home screens. You can download it for free from windows app store.

Support: Windows 10 PC

9. Chronos Calendar +

chronos calendar + for windows 10

The app works efficiently without any demand like your personal secretary and helps you to customize and keep all your important events, agendas, tasks organized and when necessary visible.

Options like, events, ToDo lists, reminders are available. Also, the day viewer is an effective option that the app has. You have to purchase this app.

This is the paid application and you need to pay $2.49 for using.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

10. eCalendar Work

ecalendar work for windows 10

eCalendar Work is another little but powerful Calendar app for Windows platform. It helps in automatic calculation of holidays and working days.

By default, it shows you festivities of United States, Italy, and Japan. It offers user interface in Italian or even in the English.

Though this app is very useful in managing your daily work list. This app will only run on Windows 8.1 and 10 mobile handsets. You have to pay around $0.99

Supports: Windows 10 Mobile

11. One Calendar

one calendar app for windows 10


One Calendar is another good calendar app for Windows 10. It let you view all of your calendars like Live/Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, Facebook events, and Exchange/Office 365 calendar.

The application combines all your calendar into one easy to read the overview. It let you view and manage all your events, appointment, as well as birthday.

Support: Windows 10 PC | Mobile

12. iCalendar app

icalendar for windows 10

iCalendar app is another good application worth trying. Some of the features of this app are week and day views, To-Do list, Month-Print, pop-up reminders, email reminders, simple address book, repeating appointments etc.

Using this app, you can manage any .ics files which you grab online. This app can be downloaded free from the Windows app store and it runs only in Windows 8.1 and 10 mobile.

Supports: Windows 10 Mobile

13. Calendar+

calendar + for windows 10

The Calendar+ is largely popular because of its one stop features for all scheduling needs. In this Calendar app, every month is color-coded so it becomes easier to use and view that which day of the month is crucial for you, and in which you have special occasions or anniversaries.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

14. Calendar for Business

Calendar for Business for windows10

Some of the features that this app has are, tasks, calendars, and modules of events, easiness to sync data across your gadgets, multiple calendar views etc.

You can also set the priorities and importance if the tasks and events. This app can be downloaded absolutely for free from the windows app store.

Support: Windows 10 Mobile

15. VueMinder app (Third Party)

vue minder for windows 10

This app comes with the tagline, ‘The best Windows Calendar app’ and has features like scheduling events once or repeating them on the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, adding tasks and sub-tasks.

You can also write notes and pin them to dates if you want. Multiple calendar views, contact manager, reminders, sync and share data are some other features.Using a calendar app really makes our daily busy life easier and smoother, though switching to any will not help. You have to be very selective in this case.

Using a calendar app really makes our daily busy life easier and smoother, though switching to any will not help. You have to be very selective in this case.

So I recommend you try few of these top calendar apps on your Windows 10 Mobile and PC. But as your needs are different from others you might need to try out some apps then choose what suits you the best.

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