How to Uninstall Windows 10 Cortana Application [Completely]

There are lots of users who want to uninstall Windows 10 Cortana application completely and if you’re one out of them, then this tutorial is dedicated to you.

how to uninstall windows 10 cortana application

Windows 10 is home for lots of new applications which was not available in the previous version of Windows 10. Cortana is one out of them which Microsoft decided to add into Windows 10. It’s a digital assistance application that identifies your voice and gives you information based on your queries. It can also be used for automating your daily tasks, search the web right from the start menu. You can also use Cortana app as a calculator, converter app and more.  No doubt it does lots of stuff, but still it’s not a powerful or useful application in comparison to what the user can do by searching the web manually.

There are lots of Windows 10 users who doesn’t find Microsoft Cortana useful and want to uninstall it from the computer, but Microsoft doesn’t allow you to do that. It’s a core application of the operating system and you will not find any settings in Windows 10 to remove it.

If you really want to uninstall Windows 10 Cortana application? WinranX has a solution for you. Just like you uninstalled Edge browser from Windows 10, it’s also possible to uninstall Cortana application. There are few ways using which you can temporarily or permanently uninstall default application from Windows 10 which include Edge, Cortana, and related apps.

Warning: Windows Cortana is the core application of Windows 10 and uninstalling it’s from the operating system might break the Windows 10 Start menu and possibly the Search feature. So don’t do this if you use the Start menu because you won’t be able to get back easily if you permanently remove it. So think thrice before doing it.

How to Uninstall Windows 10 Cortana Application [Temporarily or Permanently]

So, if you have decided to uninstall Windows 10 Cortana as well as the memory-hogging searchUI.exe process, here is how to do it:

Uninstall Cortana app from Windows 10 [Temporarily]

1. First of all, you need to navigate to the following location:


2. After that, you need to take the ownership of the folder Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy.

In case, you don’t know how to take ownership of this folder, check out our previous detailed tutorial on How to Take Ownership of Files and Folder in Windows 10

Note: Before renaming or deleting the SearchUI.exe make sure to create a backup of this file. For that, copy the file and paste it somewhere else.

3. Once done, locate the SearchUI.exe file and rename it. You can also delete it if you want. In my case, I renamed it to SearchUITEMPDELETE.

Note: Its highly recommended not to delete this file, but rename it something else. In case, you want this file back, just rename it to SearchUI.exe again to get the search functionality.

uninstall cortana app from windows 10 temporarily

uninstall cortana app from windows 10 temporarily

Now you have uninstalled the Cortana temporarily, but still it will appear on the Start menu. To remove or hide Cortana from the taskbar or start menu. You need to:

1. First, disable the Hey Cortana feature. For that, launch the Cortana from the taskbar, click on Settings Icon. Under Hey Cortana, move the toggle to turn off Let Cortana Respond Hey Cortana.

uninstall cortana app from windows 10 temporarily

2. After that, make right-click on the Taskbar, and from the context menu select Cortana and then click on Hidden to hide it.

uninstall cortana app from windows 10 temporarily

3. After that, you need to clear Cortana from the computer memory. For that, you can either open task manager and kill Cortana background services or reboot your computer.

uninstall cortana app from windows 10

That’s it! You have temporarily removed the Cortana app from Windows 10. At any point, if you want Cortana application back, reverse the steps discussed above.

In case, you really don’t like the Cortana app and ready to face the consequence after uninstalling the Cortana app completely, check the steps in upcoming method.

Uninstall Windows 10 Cortana App [Completely]

This trick is based on the application called WIMTweak which is created by MSFN user Legolash2o, so all the credit for this awesome tool go to him.

1. Download the Uninstall Cortana Zip file using this link

2. After that extract the zip file. In the folder, you will find two files Uninstall Cortana and Install_Wim_Tweak.

3. You need to make right click on Uninstall Cortana and select Run as Administrator

uninstall windows 10 cortana app permanently

4. Wait for few seconds till the command complete it work. Once you see the message Cortana should be Uninstalled. Please! Reboot Windows 10.

uninstall windows 10 cortana app permanently

Note: Once it’s gone using this method you need to reinstall the app package completely which not works in all the cases.

That’s it!

So I have discusses both the method to uninstall Windows 10 Cortana application with the consequence you face after following the methods. Now it’s upto you which method you want to use.

Try out and let me know in the comments, if you have any query.

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