How to Use Google search in Windows 10 Cortana App

Whenever you search the internet in Windows 10 using Cortana app, you get result from Bing. If you want to use Google search in Windows 10 Cortana app instead of Bing? Actually its possible and in this artcle you will read how to do it.

use google search in Windows 10 cortana app

Windows 10 is home for new features and one out of them is Cortana integration. Bing is the default search in the Cortana and due to which whenever you search the internet using Cortana or new search box of the taskbar, you get results from Bing. There are lots of users who want Cortana app to ditch Bing for Google in Windows 10.

In upcoming lines you will read about different ways using which you can use Google search or any other search engine in Windows 10 Cortana app, instead of Bing

How to Use Google search in Windows 10 Cortana App

To change the search engine of Cortana app in Windows 10, you need to install an replacement web browser. For this work around you can use Google Chrome (Chrome 50 or above) and Mozilla Firefox (Firefox 40 or above), both browsers do what we need. These browsers are two of the best and popular browser available for Windows 10, you possibly have installed one of them already.

You can use Firefox or Chrome to redirect searches to Google. I will show you both the methods step by step, but before that you need to set the one out of them as default browser in Windows 10. For that you need:

Launch Settings app – > Go to System – > Default Apps – > Web Browser – Choose Chrome or Firefox to set as your default web browsing app.

use google search in Windows 10 cortana app

You can check out YouTube video that will show you how to set any browser as default browser in Windows 10.

Use Google search in Windows 10 Cortana App using Chrome

If you have selected and set Google Chrome default browser. You must be using Chrome 50 or above as mentioned above. Why we using Chrome 50? Its because Google integrated a new experimental flag that let Cortana app search redirection to the web browser’s default search engine. All you need to do is to activate the appropriate flag. To do it, you need to follow these steps:

1. Launch the Google Chrome web browser and copy paste or type the following text in the address bar of the browser.


Now this will launch the page of flag with appropriate settings.

2. Click on the Enable link.

use google search in Windows 10 cortana app

3. This will change the link text to Disable from Enable. Click on the Relaunch Now button to restart the browser again.

Thats it!

Use Google search in Windows 10 Cortana App using Firefox

If you choose and set Firefox as default web browser. You need to install Firefox 40 or above. Why we using Firefox 40? Its because the company added a nifty option in the firefox that let you overrule the Bing search engine in the taskbar search and change it to any other preffered search engine for Winows 10 Cortana app. For that you need to following these steps:

1. Launch Firefox Nightly – >Click on Menu icon – > Navigate to Options and click to open it.

2. On the left panel, click on Search tab. On the right panel, select the search engine which you want to use as default search engine in the Windows 10 taskbar instead of Bing.

use google search in Windows 10 cortana app

3. Now check mark the box labled as Use this search engine for searches from Windows

In my case I used Google Search as default search engine, but you can use any other search engine of your choice.

Thats it!

From now onward whenever you search the web using Cortana, you will get all the result from Google as the default search of the Chrome and Firefox is Google.

Tip: Suppose you want other search engine except Google search, then you can also do that. Both, Chrome and Firefox let you change the default search engine to any other. You can simply change the search engine of the browser to other search engine like DuckDuckGo and Cortana app will start displaying the search result from DuckDuckGo.

Out of both methods which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comment. You can also share your thoughts whether you want to stick with Bing or want to change it to alternative search engine.

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