Use Microsoft Privacy Dashboard to Manage Privacy in Windows 10

Looking for a way to manage Windows 10 Privacy online? Actually, it is possible and you can use web based service named as Microsoft Privacy Dashboard for make that thing happen.

Use Microsoft Privacy Dashboard to Manage Privacy in Windows 10

Microsoft silently released its web-based privacy tool named as Microsoft Privacy Dashboard, that let the users control almost all aspects of your privacy in the new Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 Data collection and Telemetry service are criticized by the users from the day it becomes part of Windows 10 OS because it collects sensitive data of many users. The company is collecting lots of your data especially when you’re using Windows 10 Insider Preview builds. Even there is no clear idea that at what extent Microsoft is collecting users data and how they’re using it now and going to use in future.

One can manage privacy options right from the Settings apps, but still, there are pages which lots of Windows 10 users find confusing and inconvenient. So to extend the privacy options of the default settings app, the company has released a new tool, Microsoft Privacy Dashboard.

Use Microsoft Privacy Dashboard to Manage Privacy in Windows 10

This web-based privacy tool for Windows 10 will let the users review which data Microsoft is actually collecting. It will show you the data collected from Cortana and Search, Edge browser, and other Windows 10 apps.

In case, you want to give a try to Microsoft Privacy Dashboard to manage your privacy? Here is what you need to do:

1. Click on the following link to visit Microsoft Privacy Dashboard.

If you’re already logged into any web service using Microsoft Account, the tool will automatically use the same credentials to log in automatically.

Alternatively, if you login into your Windows 10 computer using a Microsoft Account and launching the Dashboard with Edge browser, then again it will automatically use the same credentials.

If none of the conditions apply, you need to log into the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard using the Microsoft account which you use to log into your Windows 10 PC.

2. After you’re successfully logged into the service, the Privacy Dashboard will look like the show in the following screenshot.

microsoft privacy dashboard

3. Microsoft Privacy Dashboard contains various tabs. Each of them leads to a special section related to the collected data with a detailed summary which let you analyze and control it.

Every section on this page will give you an idea about where the information is stored on your local PC and how you can clear it from there.

Different sections include:

Browsing history in Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

Browsing history in Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

This section show you the browsing history collected using Microsoft Edge and Cortana. You can click on “View and clear browsing history” button to find out what they have collected.

To clear the browsing history, click on the “Clear browsing history” button available on the right side of the screen.

Search history in Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

Search history in Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

This section will show you the data collected using Microsoft Cortana and Bing. You can click on “View and clear search history” for managing the same privacy.

Location activity in Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

Location activity in Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

This section will show you the list of places which you have visited and the other data collected using GPS by Windows 10. You can also click on “View and clear location activity” button for managing the same privacy.

This section includes information about places you visited and other GPS data collected by Windows 10.

Cortana’s Notebook in Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

Cortana's Notebook in Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

Here on this section, you can analyze data collected by Cortana accompanied with contact list, reminders, calendar event as well as data from keyboard and voice input. You can click on “Edit Cortana data” button to analyze and manage the privacy.

Health Activity in Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

Health Activity in Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

Microsoft services like HealthVault and devices similar to Microsoft Band always gather data to learn and handle your health data. This data can include your health and fitness activities like daily steps taken, heart rate and more.

You can click “Edit data on Microsoft health” button to review the collected data and clear it from the same page if you want.

Accompanied with above-discussed privacy section, the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard page featuring different tutorials like:

  • privacy settings on your Windows 10 device.
  • manage the apps and services that are allowed to access your data.
  • adjust your Xbox privacy settings.
  • change advertising preferences.
  • view your privacy settings in any Office program.
  • change privacy settings of your Skype account.

So this is all I manage to get on the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard page. Why don’t you give a try to this new service by Microsoft and let me in the comment what you think about it in the comments.

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